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Making Memories with Baby Gifts
If you are looking for a gift for a new baby, for his or her first birthday or for the older siblings of the new little one, you almost certainly want them to be remembered. Below you will find beautiful gifts that are perfect to send to the new baby boy or girl and many items can personalized with the baby's name and/or birth date for that added special touch. Please take a moment and browse through our categories and we are certain that you will find just what you are looking for.

Finding a truly memorable gift, something that Mom and Dad will cherish and want to keep forever, brings warmth not only to the parents, but to your own heart as well. Consider these possibilities to create a lasting memory for the new addition that will be treasured for years to come!
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Baby Gifts and Baby Gift Baskets to Send Your Love Across the Miles With Ease

A favorite way to send a grand welcome to the new infant or even a toddler  is with the sending of gift baskets. Filled with baby clothes, bath and body items, baby toys, blankets and even treats for mom and dad, baby gift baskets make a spectacular presentation and send your sentiments to the new member of the family with so much style and flair. Many selections have soft and cuddly blankets, bibs and lovies that can be personalized with baby's name and sometimes his or her birthday can be included as well.  We have a huge selection and there is something for every taste and for every budget.  You can choose from super-frilly girl items or the more macho-themed boy presents and we have a large inventory of items that are neutral in theme and color that would be perfect for either gender.  If the happy parents have been blessed with twins, triplets or even quadruplets or more, you can send either a parcel for each child or you can choose sets that are specifically geared towards multiples that have something for all the babies in one basket.  Some of our unique gifts feature little red wagons that are great for wee one to play with as he or she grows and they also make great places to store all of the treasured plush animals that are certain to accumulate over time.  One of our more spectacular gifts replaces the basket with a wicker rocking chair that is then stuffed with toys, clothes and baby's simply huge and an absolutely stunning gift.

Diaper Cakes

If you want to send a fun yet practical item to the family, you cannot go wrong with a diaper cake.  Fashioned with newborn diapers into the shape of  a lovely confection-like base and it is then decorated with toys, blankets, pacifiers and plush toys for a beautiful presentation.  We wrap these adorable items in tulle and finish them off with ribbons and ship them off with your card message to the family.  They make gorgeous centerpieces at showers too, where you can put the on the table for presents or as a decoration on the main table.  Small ones could also be used as centerpieces for all of the guest tables and then sent home with the expectant mom to use on her new addition.  Fashionable, cute and oh so useful, these are a unique way to welcome a new child into the world with pizzazz!

Baby’s First

There are many firsts in the child's life that will need careful preparation. Some fun items that you can send to provide for these needed firsts include first spoons, first hairbrushes, a first stuffed animal, or even a first quilt. Look for something unique that baby does not already have for the most lasting impact.  We even have sets that have a large array of items that will get mom's essentials items stocked for the initial year of her child's life but also include fun toys for when he or she is a bit older and can play with toys.  Our goal is to have both fun and practical items that will make everyone happy and ready for the days ahead but package with style so that the first impressions are stellar ones.  We also provide for baby's first birthday with an entire line of adorable sets that are specifically made to send for the momentous first birthday and they do not disappoint.

Personalized Gifts

As mentioned earlier, you can choose a large selection of personalized items...from T-shirts, bibs, blankets, plush lovies, bracelets and more that can include--not only the newborns name--but his or her arrival date and time, weight and length as well. A personalized gift is sure to become a favorite of the whole family as it marks the little one's debut into the world.  Ther personalization with baby's name adds such flair to each piece and is so special because you may be sending the very first item that he or she has ever received that has their name emblazoned upon it.  Adding this special touch adds an extra day or two to the shipping time but it is well worth it when you know that the parents will be thrilled with the gift you send.  If you are in a hurry, you can always expedite the shipping to 3-day, 2-day or even overnight shipping if you really need to get it there quickly.

Baby Clothes Bouquets

A baby clothes bouquet is a creative gift set filled with cloth baby items such as bibs, t-shirts, wash cloths and more, rolled into cute little flowers or cupcakes. These one-of-a-kind treasures are delivered in a bucket, bouquet, or other fun display and are certain to be remembered long after baby outgrows the contents.  Mom and dad will have a difficult time dismantling these amazing sets and will probably want to look at them for a while before they make use of their practical contents.

While there are many more ways to make a memory for the new family to cherish, these are some of our favorites and our most popular ideas. Whatever you decide, has something sure to fit the bill!