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Are Cute Jewelry Pieces Safe for Babies?

††† Jewelry is a beautiful expression of inner and outer beauty. So how young is too young to start expressing? Jewelry for babies is not a new phenomenon, itís been around as long as jewelry itself, but how do you decide if itís a step you want to take with your baby? The first thing you need to decide is if it is safe or not for your child. That depends on what you are looking for, the small accessories that do not involve piercing, to babiesí first earrings.

††† Small accessories such as bracelets and anklets are adorable additions to any outfit. So what do you need to take into consideration? First off start with material, a babiesí skin is irritable and sensitive. When choosing pieces for your child select soft gentle fabrics or smooth metal that will not pinch or rub aggressively against your childís skin. Metal is a classic, but it is difficult to find in a safe venue for babies. Metal chain can be extremely sharp if it is tangled around fingers, and left in the sun/cold can become too hot/cold. Pendants especially can fluctuate in temperature when they are made of metal.

Beaded bracelets and anklets are a great choice because they do not pinch or change temperature like metal or bunch up like cloth.† However, pay attention to the size of these pieces, too small and it could cut off the circulation, too big and you risk entanglement or loss of the jewelry. Also, make sure if the jewelry has pendants, charms, or hooks that they do not sharp corners, or intricate designs that will irritate the baby. Choose things with smooth rounded edges, and secure housing attachments. Make sure beyond all doubt that the charm will not come off. During impromptu naps, they can quickly end up under a leg or behind an ear; make sure that your baby is safe.

The last thing to think about is piercing. Itís not for every family, but it can be a beautiful accent. If you decide to get your babies ears pierced make sure you do it safely. Ear piercing guns, such as the kind used at Macyís, are not safe. These guns have no assured protection against bacteria since there are small parts inside the housing that it is impossible to sterilize. It isnít guaranteed to be safe; indeed your child could end up with a very nasty infection causing skin to grow over the entire earring backing. More importantly, an infection with a babiesí low immune system protection is dangerous to their health. Choose instead to pierce your childís ears at a pediatrician. Make sure to call ahead to see if your doctor provides this service.

Jewelry can be safe for your child, but only if you select your pieces wisely.

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