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Choosing Your Baby’s Name

What could be more important than picking out the name your child will carry for the rest of his life? His name will be the first thing anyone knows about him every time he is introduced or steps up to speak to a new friend.

Some will make judgments about him immediately based on his name. The name you choose will be part of your child’s future identity. Your child may love his name and write it on everything he owns. He might hate it and reduce it to initials or a “cooler” nickname.

No pressure, right? Choosing your new little one’s name can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Here are a few tips to take the fear out of finding the perfect name of your new baby.

  •  What name makes you smile? Everyone has an immediate reaction to a name. You may hear a name and cannot help but grimace with the bad memory of a girl in grade school who was a bully.  On the other hand, another name may bring up good feelings and just cause you to smile because you love the sound of it in your mouth!
  • What name goes smoothly with your last name? This is very important! Usually a two syllable first name flows nicely with a one syllable last name and vice versa, but this is not a strict rule at all. Avoid rhyming the first and last name! It may seem cute right now but your child will not be happy with you once he or she starts school!
  • Watch out for possible nicknames. While it is true that every name can turn into a cruel nickname, be aware of the obvious taunts that a name can bring up. Some names just ask to be made fun of. Don’t give your child the added burden of defending his name for the rest of his life.  This also applies to the initials that your child’s name will spell out.
  •  Is there a wonderful name in your family line? Handing down an old family name can be a valuable and honoring tradition, but it can also be an embarrassment if the name does not fit the current times we live in. You may be able to alter the name to make it more modern. This would create a great link to the past for your child!
  • What trait would you love to see in your child? This can be a tricky motivation for choosing your baby’s name, but it can also be a wonderful way to direct your child in the way he should go.      If ‘strength’ is an important character description to you, there are many names that evoke that sense. All you need to do is go to an online “Baby Name Meanings” site and enter the word ‘strength’. It will lead you to the names that fit that description.
  • What name makes you smile? Yes, we are back to the first tip I gave you! If a certain name brings a smile to your lips, it is good evidence that it is a name you can live with in the years to come. It is probably surrounded by good memories or sweet expectations. Both of these are pretty safe clues that you have chosen the perfect name for your new baby!
You are in the unique and exciting position to help shape the future of another human being! It is a heavy responsibility, but it is also a joyful and delightful assignment that can be fun and memorable. You may be able to tell your son or daughter the story of how their name was chosen! What a lovely way to give them a true sense of their worth and importance even before they were born!

Have fun while choosing your baby’s name. Don’t forget that you will be whispering it, shouting it, writing it, calling it and loving it for years to come!