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Diaper bags for Dad!

Many things have changed over the years, and one of them is moms are in the workplace and some Dads are choosing to stay home and raise the children.

With this change comes the need for more masculine Daddy friendly gear.† We canít expect Dad to carry around a diaper bag with little pink hearts on it can we?† Below are some suggestions for some different types of bags available JUST for Dad!

Diaper Vest

Some men opt for a vest to carry all the gear in.† A vest can go over what he is already wearing and get him out the door with the kids.† They come with a variety of pockets for all that a baby and dad on the go would need.† There are many styles and different sizes to fit any manís tastes or needs.† This would be a great gift for the dad who has everythingÖor for the one that doesnít have anything!

Stroller Bag

These bags come in bright colors and can be attached right to the stroller.† So then Dad doesnít have to feel like he is carrying a purse. †

Sling Bag

A Sling Bag is one that goes across the back.† It is very trendy for Dad, but functional for holding babyís stuff too.† With the small individual pouches there is room for a bottle of milk or water for dad.†† It comes in masculine colors and machine washable fabrics.

Messenger Bag

One option is a messenger style bag.† They generally come with plenty of pockets lined and perfect to carry sunglasses or his phone.† And for the baby there is a section that is insulated for the bottle and other features like a removable changing pad.

Hip Messenger Bag

This is a bag that hangs off the hip similar to a fanny pack.† It has compartments for all the gear, and it is not bad looking either.† Any dad would be proud to don this bag!

Back Pack

Some daddy bags are made to look like back packs but still have all the bells and whistles of a good olí diaper bag!† Younger Dadís might really like something like this, reminiscent of his days in college!