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Fatherís Day Gets Creative!

Fatherís Day is all about letting Dad know that he is loved and appreciated. For a first time dad it is extra special! This is a great excuse to lavish attention on Dad when all through the first year of babyhood the main attention has been on Mom and Baby. Many new fathers feel a bit lost and unnecessary during this important family re-structuring. What can you do to let him know that he is still a vital ingredient to the mix?

If your baby is too little to help with any crafts you can still include her in many creations! Here are a few simple ideas for you and your newborn to bless Daddy this year!

  • A newborn footprint is always a winner! Use his tiny footprint to decorate the mat-border of a favorite photo of Daddy holding Baby.
  • Cover a heavy-duty apron with Babyís footprint for the new daddyís BBQ duties this summer.
  • A simple framed print of his childís foot and handprints is a wonderful gift!
  • Use your newbornís footprint all over a plain white t-shirt or baseball cap. Better yet, it would be more likely that Dad would actually wear it away from home if you place the print only on the left shoulder or breast rather than all over the shirt!
If your child is a bit older he or she can help create a special gift that comes straight from their heart.
  • Ask your toddler whatís the best thing about Daddy. Either record her talking about Dad or write down everything she says. This can be fun and surprising! Present her answers to Dad in a fun basket of Dadís favorite snack or a gift basket from Doodlebuckets!
  • An elementary age son or daughter may have some funny explanations of what Daddy does all day at work or home. You could film your child acting out what he thinks his dad spends his time doing.
  • Spread out some large paper and allow your child to run some toy cars through paint and then run them over the paper. Then use the paper as a border for a favorite picture of Daddy and Child!
  • Have your child take pictures of her favorite things and create a scrapbook that she and Daddy can add to each year.
For older kids, why not make use of their interest in media?
  • Encourage your pre-teen or teens to produce a funny video for Dad and upload it to YouTube or Facebook for him to find. You may need to give Dad some clues to lead him to the right spot.
  • Video the kids singing or lip-sinking Dadís favorite song. The crazier the better!
  • Ask your kids to list their favorite things about Dad and present these to him with great extravagance, like an awards show!
  • Have the older children put together a CD Mix of Dadís favorite music.
Whatever the age of your children, they may need some nudges from you to let Dad know how much he is needed and loved. Sometimes kids donít even realize how important their father is in their day-to-day lives. This is a great time to let them see it for themselves and learn the value of expressing their feelings to others.