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“Hands Free” Parenting

There is a new movement among mother’s today and it has nothing to do with “Attachment Parenting” or “Wearing Your Kids”, both very popular trends that young moms are writing and blogging about in recent years. The newest cultural shift that savvy and aware moms are flocking to is called “Hands Free Parenting” and it is quickly gaining momentum by leaps and bounds with moms online.

If you take a look around you the next time you are sitting on a park bench watching your children play, you will notice that most parents are looking down, but they are not looking down at their child’s face, they are staring at an iPhone, Kindle or other electronic, networking device. While waiting for the school bus, in the grocery store check-out line, waiting in the carpool lane picking up older siblings, doctors offices and at home, these precious moments with their children are being wasted by peering into a screen instead of chatting with a little one who is right next to them.

How sad that some very important and irreplaceable conversations will not be happening. Childhood seems long and nearly endless to tired moms and dads and time may drag in the constant little tasks that must be repeated again and again. We all love the ability to check into Facebook any time and anywhere. Checking email is important and a necessary part of the day, as is keeping in contact with friends to set up play-dates and appointments. But we need to ask ourselves if it is robbing something much more valuable from our lives.

The “Hands Free” movement is challenging parents to put down their cell phones, tablets and laptops and give their kids some good quality one-on-one attention. There are Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to getting this simple message out. Before it is too late. Before the moms look up and the kids are grown and have learned that they are not as important as the next email.