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Long Distance Gift Giving

Pizza Baby Clothes Gift

We all have friends spread across the country and even on the other side of the world. This leads to some complicated problems when your best friend or your niece has a baby on the way or newborn. We donít want a little thing like distance and mileage mess up a great relationship!

Of course a phone call would be the very first action once you hear of a new arrival in their family. But if they lived nearby, you would be attending at least one baby shower and visiting the hospital once Baby arrives. Just sending a card may not feel like it is enough.

You could walk through some stores and choose an outfit or two, buy some gift-wrap and a box to mail it in and take it to the Post office. Unfortunately that is one of those great ideas that tend to stay just a good idea. In a busy life it would be difficult to fit that many stops into your day.

Here at Doodlebuckets you can still show your love and thoughtfulness by going online and choosing a wonderful baby gift for your friend or relative. Itís so easy to scroll through the hundreds of adorable and unusual gift baskets and gift packages. You order it to be delivered to the mom-to-be and it is done! Just like that!

Here you see two brand new fun gifts! For a close friend with a sense of humor, why not send a† ďBaby Clothes PizzaĒ? The adorable pink themed monkey is another really fun and cheerful surprise for anyone to receive on their doorstep!

There is also a baby clothes gift that is shaped like a Submarine Sandwich! You can be sure they will not be getting an identical gift from someone else! Have fun with your baby gift shopping; itís a good way to keep your friendships fresh!