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Shod or Unshod: Shoes and Non-Walkers

Dressing your new born is exciting. For another couple of months, your baby will have no preference to the pattern of their blouse, the cut of their pants, or the style of their outfit. Planning outfits should be done with practicality as well as preference, but there is one article of clothing that falls into a tiny grey area between these two categories: shoes. For a newborn they not in the least bit practical, they won’t be walking for months, however an outfit without shoes seems just wrong in a sense. It wouldn’t be an issue if shoes weren’t expensive, but many are. So should your little boy or girl wear shoes when they do not need them? Weigh the pros and cons.


1.    They are Adorable. Babies are already completely beautiful, and when dressed up in adorable outfits, the precious score shoots off the charts. Shoes are an important part of any outfit, ask any woman. They can tie the whole thing together.

The thing about this issue is that this is the only pro. Yet there are countless boutiques, gift shops, and designers in and for newborn lines involving shoes. What keeps you from buying an adorable pair of shoes? There are a few cons.


1.    Money. These shoes can cost upwards of fifty dollars. This may sound like preaching to the choir, but when the shoe’s only function is looks, a splurge for those precious little slippers is a very real possibility. Shoes lead to more shoes, ladies you know the dangers of shoe shopping. Be warned.
2.    Short Lifespan. These shoes will be worn the least out of any shoe your child will ever own. In less than half a year your baby will need new shoes. For a pair of shoes that serve no purpose other than looks, it doesn’t seem like much bang for your buck.
3.    Closet Filler. After their four month lifespan these shoes will go straight to your closet. Unless you donate them, these shoes will live with you until your little tyke is off to college.
4.    Ego. These shoes have egos. Their purpose (looking good, keeping feet warm) is easily accomplished with socks or booties (which are also adorable). Except that Socks and Booties cost a fraction less.

Obviously this article bars the amazing sale you find or the friend that passes on an adorable mini par of Ralph Laurens, but for the new parent this is important. You do not have to buy shoes for your newborn. Doing so is completely optional and, as the pros and cons argue, not exactly optimal.