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Spring Time Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is much more fun and memorable if you have a clear theme. Once you find your theme, then it seems that everything else comes together smoothly.

A baby shower that is scheduled in the springtime is a simple and fun to plan and enjoy. Spring is all about:

•    Freshness

•    New Life
•    Flowers blossoming
•    Bright colors
•    Pastel colors
•    Baby bunnies
•    Sunshine and blue skies

These all naturally work with the celebration of a new baby arriving! You can pick one or two of those points or do them all, because they all complement one another.

Here are some ideas for the flower theme:

•    Decorate with fresh flowers everywhere. Place potted live blossoms around and give them away as door prizes.

•    Create a cute photo of the newborn (if already arrived) in the center of a paper flower, attach it to a thin dowel and stick it in among the flower arrangements.
•    Make nametags that are daisy blossoms with the guests name in the center. Or place blank daisy tags at the front door for guests to fill in on their own as they arrive.
•    Make or order a flower blossom shaped cake or cupcakes!
•    Go “old-school” and have a gorgeous flower corsage ready for the new mom to wear.
•    Play a game guessing the names of flowers. Challenge guests to write down as many as possible and see who lists the most flowers. Or show photos of flowers and see who can correctly name the most of them.
•    Freeze blossom shaped ice for the punch or iced tea.
•    Give packets of wildflower seeds as part of your party favor for guests to take home and plant. Place them in small clay flowerpots with candy and nuts then wrap in clear cellophane.