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Baby Gift Baskets

Baby Gifts with Free Shipping for Orders $75 and up! Looking for baby gifts? We offer a huge variety of gifts for the new baby with your own gift card included and many with personalization. Call us today if you have any questions at 866-940-3477. We are happy to help!Choose and click on one of the categories below to see our baby gifts selection:

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Baby Gift Ideas

Having a new baby is unmatched in life's events. At this memorable time in life, many people look for baby gifts to send to the happy family. They want them to know that the baby has been welcomed--not only by mom and dad, siblings and grandparents--but also by coworkers, peers and friends. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find just the right gift to send. We would like to share a few ideas of what you can do to offer a memorable gift to the new mom and dad and baby.

Baby Gifts
Of course, being a baby gift company, we would recommend sending a prepared baby gift or baby gift basket to the newborn. A quick, easy and safe transaction allows you to send a gorgeous gift without having to pound the pavement in search of the perfect item. Shopping online will save you time and money and the family will be thrilled to receive our luxurious yet practical items.

Many of our baby gifts allow you to add personalization by having the new baby's name embroidered or painted on the basket contents or step stools. This creates a winner every time.

High quality and splendid to behold, sending a baby gift basket or baby gift set is always a joy. You can easily create your own and get ideas from online pictures if you have the time and creativity to undertake such a project.

Don't forget older brothers and sisters, too. We have many sibling gift sets that will ease older children into their new roles and let them know that they are still special and not forgotten.

Baby Clothes
Baby clothes always make excellent gifts. Even if there are older siblings who have passed down what baby needs, clothes for the new baby are always fun to have. Styles and seasons change and mom and dad will appreciate the new duds.

Most baby clothes are gender specific, coming in pink or blue, but you can also find clothes in neutral tones such as yellow, green or white, that you can send the newborn, even if you don't yet know the baby's gender. Many of our baby gifts offer clothing and layette sets for baby boys or girls, as well as neutral colors.

Baby Blankets
Baby blankets are a sure hit for the newborn. You can never have too many blankets since babies are famous for spitting up and having leaky diapers. Having several on hand is a huge blessing for mom and dad.

Our baby blankets and baby gift baskets that contain baby blankets can be customized with baby's name and sometimes the birth date as an added bonus. Having the name embroidered on a gift will turn it into a keepsake that will become a treasured possession for the family for many years.

Colors vary from pink and blue to the neutral off-white Fattamano shearling baby blanket, which is not only beautiful but also warm and cozy for the new baby.

Diaper Cakes
A diaper cake makes a stunning gift and a big conversation starter at a baby shower. Diaper cakes, of course, contain diapers, which every baby needs and which you can safely assume will be used! Other fun items can be added such as plush stuffed animal toys, manicure sets, bath items, etc.

Decorate your diaper cake with ribbons and bows and you have the perfect baby gift. A cursory search online will reveal numerous sites that have directions on making your own diaper cake, or you can order from us and have it shipped out for you, same day.

Gifts for Mom and Dad
Everyone is so excited that the new baby has arrived that they often forget about mom and dad! After being pregnant and uncomfortable for nine long months, mom could certainly use a massage and day at the spa. Or she might enjoy a manicure and pedicure.

Even though she can now reach her own feet, it's still a lot of fun and stress-relieving to be pampered at this time. If you're a close friend and money is tight, you could do a "day at the spa" yourself, serving as the masseuse or manicurist for the day! This would be a great way to spend time with the new mom and baby and she wouldn't have to leave the house. This is especially nice if she's nursing. She can continue to care for baby at home without onlookers. We offer several gift baskets for mom that have all you need for a day at the spa included.

Dad might enjoy a round of golf after the baby is a few weeks or months old, and after everyone is all settled in. A cup of coffee and some conversation would be welcome for mom and dad both. With all the business of adjusting to the new baby, friendships can be harder to maintain, so take the initiative and invite them out for an hour or two of fellowship and reconnecting.

They'll both appreciate the conversation and realize how much they miss their time with you. If you're a distance away and can't spend personal time with the family, you can always send a gourmet gift basket to the new parents that they can enjoy together. What a great way to let them know you're thinking about them.

Babysitting IOUs
Is money tight? If you still want to do something to welcome the new baby, you can give mom and dad the gift of babysitting! When baby is very small and new, they probably won't want to go anywhere, but after baby is a little older, the new parents would welcome a date night out together to spend time in uninterrupted conversation. You can make that happen for them.

Make up a "coupon" on the computer to print out to give to them in a greeting card, or if you're into stamping or have other creative abilities, decorate a piece of card stock for mom and dad to redeem when they're willing to tear themselves away from their new little one for some time together.

If you're not the creative sort, don't fear. You can scribble on a piece of paper and stick it in card. It's the sentiment and the gift that count, not your creativity or lack thereof.

No matter what you choose to do for the new mom and dad, they will appreciate it greatly! It's such a blessing to receive a card, a gift in the mail, or a phone call asking about the new baby or how mom and dad are getting by on just a few hours' sleep! Babies are small for just a short while, so don't miss the opportunity to welcome them properly and give Doodlebuckets Family Gifts a call if you need help or a little inspiration.