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Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes

Have you ever heard of the unique and adorable baby gifts called diaper cakes? These gifts are so incredibly clever and cute! Diapers are taken and fashioned into a lovely “cake” and decorated with all kinds of baby goodies, from bath and body products to plush toys and even a ballerina tutu. The diaper cake can be used as a centerpiece for the new mom’s table at the shower or for the gift table centerpiece or you can gift it for your gift as well.

The sizes of our diaper cakes range from little petite cakes to gigantic, 4 or 5 tiered masterpieces that are sure to garner lots of attention at the party.  The most difficult part is to bring oneself to dismantle this treasure to get to the diapers and baby toys and to then use them for the baby!

Our selection of diaper cakes will capture just about any theme you are looking for a baby shower or to send as a baby gift.

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Our diaper cakes come in gender specific colors and themes, with lots of pink and frills for baby girls and blues for baby boys.  We also have neutral-themed cakes with yellows, reds and greens for those occasions where the baby's gender is not yet revealed.  Some of our cakes have the option of choosing pink, blue or green ribbons which allow you to customize the colors of the cake decorations so that you can send it to either baby boys or girls or the unknown gender.  If there are twins or multiples, you can send one cake per baby for a great starter to mom and dad's stash of diapers.  Where twins are one boy and one girl, each baby can have a cake with their special colors.

Diaper cakes make great centerpieces for the gift table at a baby shower as well.  They can be a great starter piece for the theme of the party and surrounded by all the gifts that guests bring, they are a stunning sight to behold.  There is always someone at a baby shower who has never seen one before and they are always amazed at this unique and fun baby gift.

If you want to make your own diaper cake, a quick search online will allow you to find numerous pages and sites where you can obtain directions on how to make your own diaper cake.  They are not difficult to make for even the non-crafty person and you then have the sense of accomplishment in knowing that you made it yourself.  

If time is of the essence and you do know have time to make your own, we would be happy to help you when you select one of our numerous cakes to send.  We will package it up beautifully and get it in the mail for you in record time so that the new baby can be making use of this fabulous gift in no time.  Just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in your gift selection or you can order online with our safe and easy online shopping cart.