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Brother & Sister Gift Baskets

When a new baby arrives, it is an exciting time, however with all of the attention on the little one, big brothers and sisters may feel as though they have been left out. Give a gift to a big brother and a big sister, to say congratulations on the new baby. Show them that you think they are special and that you love and care for them too.
Remember that these wonderful presents can be used for the arrival of a baby, and also for birthdays, Christmases and other times when high-quality gifts are deserved.
These gifts are great for birthdays too!

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With a big brother or big sister gift, the transition from only child to big brother or big sister is often eased. Older children will feel loved and special when they're remembered with a special gift just for them.

With so many choices you may be tempted to get several gifts for big brother or big sister! A special T-shirt stating claiming big brother authority is an ideal way to proudly display a new position. Or what about a treasured toy such as Dora or Sesame street to make big sister feel important and loved?

Whether you choose to give big brother and big sister a gift before baby is born, or after,  create a treasured memory so older siblings don't feel left out. This  helps them love and cherish the new baby, too, and creates a special bond that helps the whole family celebrate the new baby.