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Care Package Gift Baskets

Care Package Gift Baskets

Care packages are an economical way to send goodies to someone who is in the military, away from home, having a birthday, someone who’s away at college, someone who is ill or in the hospital, or even a special trooper who you want to know that you care. No baskets are involved! Just the treats and the sentiments you want to send.

If you don’t know a soldier but want to adopt one, go to the Soldier Adoption site and then come back here with their info to send a care package.  Our men in uniform often perform the loneliest of jobs with little or no encouragement from outside their tanks.  It would mean the world to them to receive a note thanks and some treats to enjoy from a thankful citizen like yourself.

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Care Packages Care packages are very popular for students that are away from home, family members that have recently moved away, or just anyone that you’re thinking about. A person doesn’t even have to live far away for you to send them a care packages. These baskets and buckets that are overstuffed with everything from snacks to games are a great way to show someone that you’re thinking about them and that you care! Doodlebuckets has so many care packages that you’ll be able to find one for whoever you need. Know a student that’s in the middle of exams? Send the Study Snacks care package to get them through those late night cram sessions! There are also four different items to choose from that will help you celebrate the birthday of someone special, or just choose from any of the wonderful care packages that are offered. One of the most special items that Doodlebuckets offers is the Treats for Troopers care packages. These come in either small or medium sizes and are overflowing with snacks of all kinds. Or choose the Boredom Buster, which is sure to help fill those countless hours on the base. This is a great way to tell someone that you love them and are thinking of them even though they may be an entire ocean away. And even if you don’t know any soldiers personally, Doodlebuckets also has a link where you can adopt a soldier. Just to thank them for serving our country! Whether you know a new mom, or just a mom who deserves a day of relaxation just like she were at a spa, Doodlebuckets has you covered there too. With all of these care packages, as well as those to thank someone or wish them well, Doodlebuckets has whatever you need!