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5 Ways To Eliminate The Sunday Morning Battle

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churchFamilies of faith have made a commitment to attend church every Sunday (or Saturday or Friday, whatever your church does.). We know that it should not be so hard to get everyone awake, fed, dressed and out the door on time. But week after week we find ourselves exhausted and frazzled as we enter the sanctuary doors because the morning has been one battle after another. What can we do to change this?

Here are five ways to help your family arrive at church without killing one another before you get there!

1.    Plan Ahead – On Saturday take some time to choose the Sunday morning outfits for you and your kids. This will eliminate the lost shoelace broken zipper crisis that leads to many meltdowns.

2.    Go To Bed Early – Saturday is usually a busy and active day for most young families. You’ve spent time outdoors or on an outing. Do not allow the relaxed weekend atmosphere to tempt you to stay up later than a normal school night. Get your kids and yourself in bed before you find yourselves sprawled on the couch falling asleep in front of the television.

3.    Choose Church Toys – If your kids are small, allow them to pick one or two special toys they will take to church with them. Pack it in your bag on Saturday night so there is no frustrated searching for it while dad sits in the car ready to go.

4.    Set Your Alarm Clock – Make sure your family gets up on time and allow time for a good breakfast. It does not need to be a hot, cooked breakfast, cereal will do, but food in the tummies will help calm tempers and crankiness.

5.    Gather All Supplies By The Door – Do your kids need to find their Bibles, memory verse papers or a church snack? Place them beside the door on Saturday night so there will be less rushing around in the morning.

All of these tips involve thinking ahead. The fewer things we need to do on Sunday morning, the smoother the day will go. Is the car filled with gas? Do you know what you are having for lunch after the service? Use Saturday to make Sunday a fun and special day for you and your children.

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