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5 Ways to Prepare for Your New Baby

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new babyNine months is a very long time to wait for the exciting arrival of your new baby. But the time will fly as you get your family, home and self ready to welcome the new family member into your home and life.

Baby showers will supply you with lots of the clothing, diaper and nursery requirements. Multiple trips to baby stores will fill the dresser drawers with more little outfits than a newborn needs.

It is smart to think through the birthing plan as early as possible after research and experience help you choose what is best for you and your little one. It is not terribly unusual for a baby to arrive earlier than doctors may predict, so getting your home and family ready is high up on the “To Do” list.

Here are 5 great ideas to help welcome your new baby:

1.    Prepare and freeze several dinner dishes in advance. Friends may offer and contribute meals for the first week with a new baby, but you know best what your family loves and the meals will be a wonderful treat for the first month of figuring out how to live with a newborn!
2.    Buy yourself some fun new outfits that are comfy and attractive. That first month with a newborn can be exhausting and overwhelming. Feeling pretty or at least presentable is super helpful to your ego and energy level.
3.    Streamline the cleaning needs in your home. Hide away the nick-knacks that require dusting, get rid of the rug that is in constant need of adjusting or shampooing to look good. Clear the kitchen counter of appliances that you never use. Look for ways to keep your home presentable without a lot of work and time-consuming energy.
4.    Clear your calendar of “have to” items for the first month home. Let your committees and clubs know that you will not be available for a certain amount of time.
5.    Set up a few spa type appointments just before your due date and after. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, buy some pretty and flattering nail polish colors and invite some friends for a beauty-treatment evening in the days before the baby is due to arrive.

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