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A Cake Pop Baby Shower!

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Anyone who has been to any kind of party recently has come across an amazing and fun new dessert. They are called Cake Pops or Cake Balls. It is super easy to find the recipe online if you google “cake pops”.

When I saw this spring-themed array of cake pops, created by a young friend of mine, I immediately saw how perfect they would be for a Baby Shower or a Bridal Shower.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating these little yummy balls of cake. You could obviously have pink or blue depending on the gender of the coming baby.

The balls could also spell out the baby’s name or they could be decorated to match your party theme in other ways.

These concoctions do not even have to be molded into the shape of a ball! The baked and crumbled cake mixture can also be turned into a baby bonnet, a dinosaur or a zoo animal.

The crumbled cake is mixed with frosting until it has a play-dough type consistency so it is easily maneuvered into whatever you can dream up!

One of the cake pops could be decorated with something unique that results in the party guest winning a prize. Or the colors may determine the team that the guests are on for the next baby shower game.

Another wonderful idea would be to host a Cake Pop Making Party! If you had all the ingredients for decorating ready and the dough all mixed and set to play with, what fun for the guests to eat some and then take a few home for later!

A cute way to display these fun cake pops would be to stand them up in a flower pot in the center of the food table at your next Baby Shower. It will be so cute that you will need to insist that people take one and not worry about messing up the pretty arrangement!

Have fun cake popping!

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