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A Cake Pop Bridal Shower!

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Have you seen these fun new desserts? They are called Cake Pops or Cake Balls and the recipe and instructions can be found online easily. They are the latest way to add some fun and excitement to the dessert table of a party. They lend themselves beautifully to a Bridal Shower, don’t you think?

Once you have your color theme chosen for your party, it is easy to add the food coloring needed to match these cuties up with your décor. They could be bundled together into Bridal Bouquets that add some drama to your decorations in your home or in a banquet hall.

Cake Pops could also be used in your party games. The different colors may determine teams for a game or the markings you add to them could lead your guests on a treasure hunt for clues. Maybe one uniquely decorated cake pop will let the guest know that they have won a great door prize!

They are created by crumbling a baked cake and mixing the crumbles with frosting until it resembles a moldable play-dough consistency. This mixture can be shaped into whatever you can dream up! If you are especially artistic you may want to make them all look like the Bride and Groom, or the church they will be married in.

For an elegant and simple décor, the cake pops could be a solid color with just the Bride and Groom’s initials or monogram. You may even want to include your shower guests in the creation and let them decorate their own cake pop any way they want.

It is nice to have an alternative to the giant sheet cake or the recent cupcake trend. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures because these are way too yummy to stay around for very long!

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