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Prancing Pony Diaper Cake

There is a common fad in baby showers and its diaper cakes. This remarkable gift is not a literal cake, but wedding cake shaped, mostly diaper structured, gift basket. They range from simple to elaborate, some two tiered some five. Diaper cakes can be built from basic necessities to luxury baby spa products, almost everything can be packaged in a diaper cake with enough ribbon and diapers. These gifts are wonderfully novel and a creative derivation from the norm, but how do you know which to buy? Or should you make it yourself? There are up and downs to both.

The first thing to consider when getting your diaper cake is your budget. Are you willing to bring out the big guns for a lavish cake or are you looking for a simpler one? Either way we have what you are looking for. This online store is a great example and purveyor of diaper cakes. If you are going to buy a diaper cake, have a look at our selection, we have a great range of diaper cakes. Even if we do not provide what you are looking for, the internet is a wide web of choice. However, you need not limit yourself to the online world of stores, vast as it may be, making your own diaper cake can be just as good, especially if you are watching your budget.

Building your own cake is a great option. Some guest get together to build them together. If you decide to do this, start with a simple three tiered cake and work your way up. There are countless sets of instructions online but all of them utilize a few basic components.

1.    Diapers
2.    Onsies
3.    Ribbon/Rubber Band (For Structuring)
4.    Bottle (Again Structure)

After structuring, accessories (nail clippers, pacifiers, etc) are used to fill out and decorate the diaper cake. Again, there are instructions everywhere and they range from beginner to intermediate levels of difficulty to build. There aren’t many downsides to making your diaper cake, but there are a few. Leftovers can be annoying, particularly if you don’t have little ones of your own. Make sure to monitor to number of things you buy for your cake or you will have pacifiers and diapers that you don’t need. Also time, it takes time to make diaper cakes and time is money in today’s culture.

Choosing a diaper cake is up to you, it’s highly personal, your budget, the recipient, and the style you want are all factors. But with the right know how, you can get the perfect diaper cakes for your loved one’s baby showers.

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