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Baby Bedding: Some Practical Considerations

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baby bedding A crucial decision that parents-to-be must consider in their new arrival’s nursery is a crib and the accompanying bedding set. Baby crib bedding ensembles, otherwise known as baby bedding sets, make for fantastic baby shower gifts to those expecting parents. A real plus to this gift idea is that each ensemble comes complete with matching articles, so you don’t have to shop endlessly in an effort to match different pieces. This can be a big stress reliever and save a significant amount

of money!  A baby crib bedding ensemble can redirect the entire mood of any baby room. Here are a few useful ideas to consider when shopping for a baby bedding ensemble:

Determine a theme! The bedding ensemble theme will likely be a central focus of the room. Many accessories matching the bedding theme will most likely be available, tying the individual components of the room together. Themes most sought out for boys include fishing, sports, or safari animals. Popular girls themes include flowers, lace, ballet, or bunnies.

It is also important to know the baby’s gender. It is a good idea to know if the expected arrival is a girl or a boy so that bedding ensembles chosen are gender-appropriate. It would be embarrassing for a baby girl’s room to be themed in a race-car bedding set, while equally disheartening to drape a boy’s room in a frilly lace piece. If the gender of the baby is not known, a gifter may choose to go with a neutral colored bedding ensemble such as a jungle or safari theme. Pastel shades of blue, orange, yellow, green, or red are safe bets. Bedding creators already have a sense of gender appropriate ensembles, so selecting boy, girl, or neutral should be a breeze.

Care and maintenance. The baby bedding ensemble should be machine washable. Accidents will happen, and messes will be made. Anything from drool and sweat to diaper bloopers will end up in the crib, making a machine washable baby bedding set a must have. The ensemble should be made of a comfortable skin sensitive material, so the baby’s delicate skin isn’t irritated, yet also be sturdy enough to stand up to many washings and years of tender use.

Safety first. Take into account the child’s safety. Soft items such as pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, or other decor should be eliminated from the crib for children 12 months old or younger in order to avoid any dangers. The bedding ensemble can include these items for future use as the child grows. Ensure the baby bedding set gift has the basics for safe sleeping while young, yet with enough pizzazz to grow with the child. For extra security, think about baby bedding ensembles that provide straps on the sheets. These are intended to attach to the crib sheet, under the mattress, helping to keep it in place while the baby sleeps.

Baby bedding will make an excellent baby gift if you take these few simple ideas into consideration.

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