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Baby Gifts on a Budget

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If you are looking to buy an economical baby gift, look no further that Doodlebuckets Baby Gifts.  We have a large number of baby gifts for under $50 for both baby girls and boys and we even have neutral baby gifts that would suit either gender.  Every items listed in this article is $50 or less, not including shipping and are a great way to congratulate the family without impacting your wallet terribly.

Affordable Baby Girl Gifts
In our Baby Bunches section there are baby clothes wrapped up in cute cupcake and flower designs for little girls:  "Baby Bunch Pink Cupcake Onesies"and the "Pink Baby Bunch Bucket Bouquet".  These are gorgeous and make a spectacular presentation and are oh, so unique!

For baby girl gifts, see our "Baby Girl Blanket Buddy Teddy Bear" and the precious "Baby Girl Nighty-Night Musical Bear".  There is also baby girl jewelry with our "Baby’s First Bracelet, with Swarovski crystals", "Baby’s First Identity Bracelet – Sterling Silver", "Precious Pearls Baby Bracelet" that would make great gifts for the new baby girl and can even be personalized with her name.  Other unique baby gifts include the "Luxury Toddler Robe with Trim" and the  "Welcome Home Baby Girl! Layette Gift Set".  All gifts in this category are sure to please.

If you are looking for baby girl gift baskets, the "Baby Girl Nap Time Gift Basket", "Got Milk Baby Girl Basket", "I Love Mommy! Puppy Love Gift", or the "Welcome Baby Girl! Gift Basket" are filled with cute and practical baby care items and toys that will definitely come in handy for the family.

If a diaper cakes for baby girl is what you are looking for, check out the fabulous "Kaloo Lilirose Chubby Cat Mini Diaper Cake" in our diaper cakes section.  Diaper cakes are a great item to send and what family cannot use a few more diapers?

Affordable Baby Boy Gifts
For baby boy gifts, we have plush lovies called the "Baby Boy Blanket Buddy Teddy Bear", the " Monkey Blanket Buddy" and the "Baby Boy Nighty-Night Musical Bear" that are cute as can be and can even be personalized with baby’s name in embroidery on the blanket portion of the lovie.  The personal touch that these sweet little lovies afford will be treasured by the baby boy for many years as he snuggles up to his new friend while reading a book or laying down to sleep at night.  Also in our baby boy gifts section are several gift sets that are sure to please:  the "Blue Baby Moose Gift", "I Love Daddy! Little Monkey Gift","What Every Baby Needs Gift Bag", "Welcome Home Baby Boy! Layette Gift Set (Blue)", "Sweet Baby of Mine Baby Gift Box", "Finley the Frog – Bath Time Gift Set", "Frog Prince Hooded Towel Gift Set" and the "Dig In! Personalized Construction Bib".  

If baby boy clothes are items you would rather send, then in our Baby Bunches section, you can find the "Baby Bunch Blue Cupcake Onesies" which are a precious presentation of baby boy clothes where the clothes are fashioned into little cupcakes and are served in a cake box, just like genuine cupcakes would be packaged. Another baby bunch that is great choice is the " Blue Baby Bunch Bucket Bouquet".  This time baby clothes are turned into gorgeous flower buds and are displayed on stems just like flowers and are packaged in a sturdy and useful bucket.  These Baby Bunches are a unique baby gift idea that won’t put a hit on your budget.

We also have several very affordable baby boy gift baskets from which to choose.  Our "Baby Boy Nap Time Gift Basket" , "Bundle of Joy Baby Bassinet Gift", "Got Milk Baby Boy Basket", "My Lil Peanut Baby Gift Basket", "Olive You! Baby Gift Basket", and the "Welcome Baby Boy! Gift Basket" are great choices too.  

If diaper cakes are more your speed, then for a baby boy, the "Kaloo Patapouf Sailor Chubby Teddy Bear Diaper Cake" is a superb gift to send.

Affordable Neutral Baby Gifts
We also have great baby gift sets for when you do not yet know the gender of the baby or if you don’t want to send something overly macho or girly.

If baby clothes are what you are looking for you can find the "Sweet Dreamz PJs Gift Set" in "chocolate" or "lime" colors would suit either gender baby and can be found in our neutral baby gifts section.  In our baby bunches pages, you can see the "Yellow Baby Bunch Bucket Bouquet" which is made up of baby clothes made into the shapes of a lovely bouquet of flowers.

For neutral baby gift baskets, you can find the "Candy Baby Bouquet – Sweet!", "Congratulations on Your New Baby! Gift Basket", and "Wiggle Worm Baby Gift Basket".

If a lovie for the baby is what you need, you can find the "Cream Baby Bear Blanket Buddy"  , "Personalized Gund Lamb Lovie", "Personalized Lovies to Spare", "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Lovie Gift Set", and "White Baby Bear Blanket Buddy" in the neutral baby gifts category.  Also in neutral baby gifts you can shop for other gift sets like the "Dilly the Duck BathTime Gift Set", "Elephant Baby Gift Box", "Gift Set – Pig in a Blanket!", "Go Bananas Monkeys Five-Piece Gift Set", "Jo Jo Giraffe Plush Toy and Blanket Gift Set", "Lovie Lamb Plush Gift Set", "Pink Baby Lion Gift", "Tillie the Turtle – Bath Time Gift Set", and the  "What Every Baby Needs Gift Bag".

For a great neutral diaper cake, the "Kaloo Organic Pure Teddy Bear Mini Diaper Cake" or  "Kaloo Organic Sable Mouse Mini Diaper Cake" would make a great purchase.  

No matter what you need to send and no matter what your budget might be, Doodlebuckets has the right gift for you!  Just shop around and see what we have to offer and please contact us via email or by phone at 866-940-3477 and we would be pleased to serve you.

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