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We all head out to the store for a baby shower gift with the best intentions.

•    We want our gift to fulfill the needs of the new mother.
•    We want our baby gift to make her smile when she opens it.
•    We hope that our baby gift will express our love for her and her family.
•    We also really want to make a great impression at the baby shower!
•    It’s always fun when our gift is passed around and the baby shower guests give it lots of  “oooh’s and ahs!”
•    We want our baby shower present to meet the basic needs of the new little one.

But wandering around a store checking off the gifts on the printed out Gift Registry is not very inspiring or personal. So what do we do? How can we make our gift special and still meet the most basic needs of the new little family?

Here at Doodlebuckets, there is a huge variety of baby gift packages that will answer every single want on that list. The amazing Diaper Cakes are a showstopper when brought out during the baby shower or sent ahead and used as a fun and cute table centerpiece.

diaper cakes - boy diaper cakes - girl

Diaper Cakes provide a creative purpose mixed with the most basic need on every new mom’s gift list. Diapers! Instead of dragging a huge plastic bag of diapers from the store into the baby shower, these artfully arranged diapers are designed to bring big smiles all around!

Another great choice here at Doodlebuckets are the baby gift baskets and packages. The variety of themes goes on and on. From dainty girl ballerina to camouflage boy and everything in between can be found here.

stork gift basket - girl stork baby gift baskets - boy

Some of the most impressive baby gift packages at Doodlebuckets are the personalized baby girl gift and personalized baby boy gift collections. What mommy-to-be would not love opening up a super soft blanket and bib with her baby’s name on them? What a sweet and thoughtful gift for any mother-to-be!

Why search through a store for the perfect baby gift when it is easy as can be right here at Doodlebuckets?

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