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For shoppers who are new to the internet shopping experience, we have provided this instruction page in order to help you navigate through the easy and secure baby gift purchase experience. You can proceed with confidence, knowing that your information is safe at Doodlebuckets Family Gifts and that your privacy is highly respected. Simply follow the steps outlined below and your order will be completed and sent to us for processing in just a few brief minutes! If at any time you would like personal assistance with your baby gift order, please contact us at 866-940-3477 to speak with a customer service expert. 1. Click here to open up our store in a new browser so that you may keep this page open to refer back to as needed. Once you have done that, click on a category picture to browse through our main categories like Newborn Baby Boy Gift Baskets or Personalized Baby Girl Gifts. Scroll down each page until you see something you like and then click on its picture. You may read more about the baby gift, the baby basket contents and see the options that are available. If you have found the gift you want to purchase, skip to number 2 in these instructions. If not, you can either hit the “back” button on your browser or click on the “listing”button near the baby gift’s name to go back the the main category page. You can also click through all of the gifts, one at a time, by clicking on the “next” or “prev” buttons on either side of the “listing” button. 2. Now it’s time to choose your colors, enter the baby’s name and any other customization that is offered and once that is done, you may enter in the Recipient’s Name & Address in the appropriate box as well as a Gift Message for your recipient. Now you may click on the “Add to Cart” Button to put the item in your shopping cart. Your cart will automatically appear and you see the item you wish to purchase there, with the shipping charges listed above that. Shipping charges run $9.95 per item purchased. You may purchase multiple items to any number of recipients by repeating this process. 3. When you have all of the items in your shopping cart and are ready to complete your baby gift purchase, you may click on the “Checkout” button on your shopping cart page. You will be directed to the Login page where you will need to draw your attention to the right-hand column. Here you will enter your Billing Information (not the information of your recipient)…name, address and telephone number. Your telephone number will only be used to contact you in the event that we have difficulty delivering your baby gifts. Otherwise you do not need to worry about Doodlebuckets Family Gifts calling you or marketing you in any way. Under “Login Details”, enter your email address and your preferred password in twice (so that the email and password that you choose may be verified as accurate when they match). You may choose to sign up for our newsletter at this point to be made aware of new additions to our baby gifts line or special promotions from time to time or you may choose to uncheck the box if you prefer not to receive our newsletter. Click on the “submit” button and you will land on your final page, the Checkout page! 4. Here you may enter in the information for a gift certificate, discount coupon or use reward points, if you have any to use. The first-time purchase coupon will come to you in a Welcome email, so look in that email if this is your first purchase, to get your coupon code. You must hit the “Refresh” button after you type in your coupon code to apply the coupon toward your baby gifts purchase. UPS Ground shipping is automatically chosen for you, but you can click on upgraded shipping to send your baby gift faster and the page will automatically refresh to update your total. You do NOT need to change the shipping address on this page since you have already entered the Recipient’s name address when you added the baby gift to your shopping cart. But if it makes you feel better, feel free to change it 🙂 For payment, you click to choose to pay by credit card or Paypal. For credit card, enter in your information in the appropriate boxes. Then click on the bright green “Submit Order” at the bottom right of the page. If paying by credit card, you are done! If paying via Paypal, you will be taken to Paypal and will need to login and proceed from there to finalize your purchase. Voila! Your’re done. You will receive an email with your purchase receipt and you will see a line item for Gift Basket Store on your credit card statement. Again, if at any time you need a personal assistant to either guide you through your baby gift purchase or to have someone complete the online purchase for you, do not hesitate to contact our team at 866-940-3477 or email us at Buying a baby gift from Doodlebuckets Family gifts is just that easy!