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Baby is on the Way—Now How Do You Let Everyone Know?

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baby newsSo you just found out the good news, but what now?  Do you let everyone know right away or wait?  It is such an exciting time and spending some time planning ahead will make it even better!

First things first, let your mate know.  You can simply tell them or make it fun and plan a surprise.  Wrap up the pregnancy test stick and give it as a gift or put it in a favorite pocket.  Write them a letter and send it special delivery in the mail or tucked in a lunch or briefcase.  The options are limitless.  Just be sure to do something that is personal and relevant to your special relationship.

Once you both know, it is time to discuss it together.  This is when you decide who and when you will let everyone know.  Remember to consider your mate’s wishes too.  Make a list and put them in the order of importance.  Try to tell immediate family and important people at the same time.  Good news travels fast in a family and you don’t want to cause any hard feelings if they don’t hear it from you first!

Sometimes it is wise to wait to let everyone know until after the first three months when you are less likely to lose the baby.  Or, if you like to have support, you can let everyone know in case you do lose the baby and would like everyone to be there for you during your time of grief.

Telling close family
There are several ways you can let your family know.  If you all live close by, you can have a party and include it in the toast.  Wait until a special occasion and include a gift that reveals your news.  To capture everyone’s reaction at the same time, plan to get together for a group photo, once everyone is in place and the photographer is ready to take the shot, yell out the news right before he takes it.  Be sure to speak to the photographer ahead of time and tell them your plans so he can get the best reactions!

If your family is not close by, you could always get together online and Skype or video conference together.  Make a cute video and send out an email!  Or why not record the reaction of your mate or parents in a digital movie and turn it into a YouTube Video.   Then send everyone the link at the same time so they can enjoy their reaction too.

You can send a gift of a picture frame with details about your due date and a prayer they can pray for you and the baby, and then once the baby is born you can send a photo that will fit perfectly in the frame.

There are so many ways you can share the good news so take your time and do something special!  Remember to consider who to tell first so that you honor those that are closest to you.

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