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A brand new family member has arrived and you want to give a special gift that will become a family heirloom. You want the present to make a statement because this new little one is an important event in the family!

Over the centuries it is the monogrammed gifts that hold value in the generations to come. There is something magical and special about owning an important item with your own initials embroidered on it!

Give a gift that will be saved and used again or put on display as the child grows older. The Embroidered Heirloom Baby Girl/Boy Blanket Set  will definitely touch the hearts and lives of the new parents.  The set includes a large embroidered blanket with satin binding, an oversized monogrammed bib and a burp cloth. It all arrives in a beautiful gift box with matching ribbons!

This impressive baby gift will be used for years. The monogrammed blanket may be treated carefully and used only for church outings or special dress up days out with the baby.

It also may be lovingly handed over to the toddler to drag around as her beloved “Blankie”. Mommy may need to sneak it out of the little one’s hands while she naps every once in a while to get it all clean and fresh again.

Have you ever seen a blanket that has been “loved” to pieces by a toddler? It may look pretty raggedy to a stranger but to the toddler it is pure comfort and safety. Lots of little ones end up carrying around just the satin edging once the years have taken the rest away!

This baby gift could easily become a child’s favorite friend! The super soft blanket will be cherished for years to come. What a wonderful keepsake baby gift to present to your loved one!

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