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Baby Shower and Gift In One!

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When planning a Baby Shower there is a lot to keep in mind. You must choose the theme, the food, and the guest list. Then you need to send the invitations, buy the party favors and plan the games.

One of the most enjoyable parts of hosting a Baby Shower is the decorating! Baby items are all so cute and “aaw”-inspiring that it is not difficult at all to use the actual baby clothes and toys to decorate your home or party room.

Doodlebuckets has provided you with a ready-made Baby Shower Wall Decoration that doubles as a wonderful gift for the new mother! It is a pretty ribbon “clothes line” full of the perfect first layette set.

Cute mini clothespins are used to attach a baby hat, a onsie, a burp cloth, a gown, bib, bootie socks and a cute rattle to the “clothes line”.  All of the clothing is 100% cotton. And it can all be attached to the wall as a decoration or put in the gift bag to surprise the mommy as she pulls out piece by piece!

This gift set is called Baby Shower Clothesline With Layette Set.

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