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Baby Showers are one of the most memorable times in the life of a mother. They are somewhat of a rite of passage and especially for a first-time mom. They help her to celebrate the life that is within her, to welcome her loved ones into the life of her new baby and to prepare for the needs of the baby before she or he is even born.My baby shower was quite memorable. My friend Thea invited me out to dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with my son, Joel. I was certain that he was going to be a little girl and had let all of my friends know that was my opinion. Thea picked me up in her van and drove with me on a few errands before we finally made our way to the city to dine.

We walked into the restaurant and we taken to our table immediately. This should have tipped me off, but I was thoroughly surprised when we were taken to the largest table in the restaurant (seemed odd at the time, with it just being the two of us) and lo and behold!, we were led to a table full of my friends! It took a moment to register because I was completely taken off guard, even with the balloons and baby shower gifts all around, the pink and blue color theme and all the familiar faces. When my brain finally grasped what was going on, I was elated and felt so honored that each woman would take the time to be there that night, to surprise me and help welcome our new baby into the world.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and played several baby shower games. My friend Chante’ had been in charge of that part of the baby shower since Thea has no such skills in that area. We played a game with money where we went around the table and listed our “I nevers” and put money in the piggy bank Chante’ had brought and those proceeds went to start a fund for our new baby. Little “rosebud” decorations of baby socks were scattered all around the table and I was to collect them before time to go home. Another gift given to me at the baby shower was a “Blessing Book” of sorts that went around the table to each guest, and my friends each wrote a note of encouragement and words of blessing for myself and the baby. Pictures were taken of all of the ladies at the table and a frame was given to me which each friend had signed in which to put the best of the pictures we had taken. Such thoughtful gifts made me feel all the more special and loved by these dear sisters of mine.

At gift opening time, I discovered that Chante’ took me at my word in that I was certain the baby would be a girl and she gave to me some baby girl clothes (which remain unused to this day!) and some silk leopard jammies. I also got a robe that was so very soft and several gift cards which I looked forward to using on a lovely shopping spree once I knew what gender the baby would be.

What I remember most about that night was not the baby shower gifts, though. It was the love and attention and honor shown to me by my friends and the time together celebrating our baby’s imminent birth and welcoming him into the world. That is a night that I will treasure forever…

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