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Baby Shower Themes

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Having a baby shower theme can be a wonderful way to unify the party by streamlining preparations and help it seem more organized.


Items you can select to go with a theme:   Decorations, Invitations, Gifts, Games

Mommy’s little Teacup Party
Turn your home into a tea parlor complete with fresh flowers and fancy tablecloths.  Have various teas, tea cups and plates set on each table.
Have your guests dress up for the party in their very best bonnets and don’t forget to hold out your pinkies when you sip from your cup.

Shower Mommy with Love
For families that already have several children, having a different type of shower just for mommy is a great way to give her special attention. What woman doesn’t like that?  The fancier and girlier the better.  Have everyone bring gifts that will pamper the mom like gift certificates for a pedicure or dinners that can be brought home.  Think fancy and all grown up!

New Little Star
Roll out the red carpet for the premier of the new little star.  Have the guest dress like movie stars themselves.  Have a cake in the shape of a Hollywood square with the babies name iced on it.  Make a video with each of the guest being interviewed and give it as a gift to the new mommy.

It’s a Diaper Party!
Send out diaper invitations and in them request that the guest just bring diapers.  Decorate with diapers or baskets with a diaper theme.

Layette party
Send out invitations is the shape of baby clothes.  Let your guests know to just bring clothes for the baby.  Hang a clothesline in the room and ask your guest to come early.  Once they arrive, have them hang their gift on the clothes line.  When the mom arrives she will be greeted with this beautiful display of new clothes for her baby.

Pretty Pink Princess
All things pink and frilly would work well at this type of a party.  You can ask the guests to bring gifts to reinforce the theme, either in pink or something a princess would wear.  Have a tiara for the mom to be and a matching small one for the new little princess.

Daddy’s Little Slugger or Quarterback
If you know your friend is having a boy, why not have a sport theme?  It is a great way to get the men to attend.  You can coordinate the party to be on a day that a game is schedule to air.  Have typical foods you would have at  that specific sporting event.  Hotdogs and peanuts would be perfect for a baseball theme or think about typical tailgating cuisine for a football theme.  If they have a favorite team you can use their colors to decorate with!

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