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babyshowerHow To Host a Facebook Baby Shower for Long Distance Guests 

Friends and family are moving location more and more often these days, and this sometimes makes gathering for a celebration very difficult. Your relatives may fly out to attend your wedding but a baby shower is not important enough for the expense of long distance travel for most people. The party to celebrate the new addition to your family is important to you and to your friends and family no matter where they live, but it is understandable that such travel can be more than a budget can extend.

In the past, long distance loved ones had to just wait for the photos of the baby shower in order to feel part of this great event. Even that was not really enough to feel truly included though. But that has all changed now! The amazing and easy to use modern technology we have now makes all the difference. How can we use it to help everyone feel included in life’s big events?

Let’s look at some ways to use the familiar social network system of Facebook to host an up to date baby shower that leaves no one out!

Step-by-Step ways to Host a Facebook and Physical Baby Shower:

1.    Create a new Facebook page for the baby shower.

2.    Include all the details of the event in the INFO section. Guest of Honor’s Name, Date, Time and Physical Location of the party.

3.    Send Facebook Invites to the Facebook page.

4.    Send print Invitations to the baby shower.

5.    IN your Print Invitations and your Online FB Invites explain that the party is real and not virtual. This can be easily confused if not explained!

6.    Remind guests that Facebook has VIDEO CALLING in CHAT!! It is easier to use than skype because nearly everyone already has a Facebook account.

7.    Tell them to be ready to be on camera and to WATCH THE PARTY live in real time.

8.    Before the baby shower begins, check your Facebook connection and set up a few laptops around the room pointed at the party. You will need as many laptops as out of town guests because each will need a separate video call to you. (Google Plus may be helpful by using the “hang outs” system for groups.) There are usually only a few out of town guests so this should be do-able.

9.    You may want to ask your long distance guests to pre-record a video message to the new mother that can be shown at the baby shower.

10.    Ask your long distance guest to mail their baby gift early so they can watch the new mom open it on camera. Or you may want to film the opening when it arrives and then post the video on the Baby Shower Facebook page!

If you have several out-of-town baby shower guests you may want o explore the “Hang Out” program on Google plus or use a Skype account to create a wonderful “gathering” of family and friends from all over the world to celebrate the new birth!

Use Video to Include Long Distance Friends in Your Baby or Bridal Shower

The “Big Day” is approaching. It could be the birth of a new baby or the wedding of a loved one; both are major moments in life and deserve to be celebrated! The socially accepted and expected way to honor the mom-to-be or the bride-to-be is to host a Baby or Bridal Shower, where the honoree is showered with love, gifts and happy congratulations. You may be the close friend who is looking for ideas to create the best baby or bridal shower ever. If you want to make a big impression and truly express the joy that surrounds the coming event, you will be working hard to plan and give a beautiful and loving party for your friend.

One complication that makes modern gift showers difficult is the fact that most couples do not live near both sides of the family; so one side can easily be left out of the festivities. It is not reasonable to expect everyone to buy a plane ticket to attend the baby or bridal shower no matter how close or special the relationship is. How can you include both sides of the young family?

The use of pre-recorded videos is a fun and easy way to make sure your guest of honor knows how much she is loved by those who cannot attend her party. Here are a few tips to make this happen:

•    Send out the party initiations extra early to the long distance friends and family. The normal timeline is to send out shower invites one month before the party, but add another month to the out-of-towners.

•    Include your video plans in all of the invitations, both near and far.

•    Instruct your guests to create and send you a video via email, Facebook, etc. two weeks before the party.

•    Ask your video guests to film themselves giving a greeting to the guest of honor. Suggest they include any advice, funny stories or a blessing they wish to give the mom-to-be or the bride-to-be. If all they are doing is saying “Hi” it will become boring to your guests at the party.

•    Compile the videos on one disk if you are able. If you have a tech friend ask them to put it together in one video for you.

•    During the baby or bridal shower, show the long distance friends video to all attending the gathering.
•    A few ways to do this:
•    Connect your computer to the television and show the compiled video to everyone at the same time.
•    Or set up some laptops around the party area and leave them open for guests to watch the greeting videos throughout the dessert time.

Including video from the long distance friends and family can make your party a memorable and special time for everyone involved. Be sure to give the guest of honor the CD of videos as a sweet reminder of their wishes and congratulations!

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