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Baby Time Capsule

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Want to surprise the new parents with a one of a kind gift?  Something that will be something they will look forward to opening with their child one day?  Why not capture time in a bottle so to speak?  You can put together a Baby Time Capsule for the new parents and the baby!

The container can be as fancy or simple you want it to be, just make sure it is big enough for all the items you will include and be able to me sealed from moisture.  If you are going to bury it, then you may want to put it in a couple thick plastic bags.  You can choose something simple like a coffee can and then decorate it with contact paper or scrapbook paper.  Or use left over wrapping paper pieces from the shower to cover the container with decoupage.  Don’t forget to include the Baby’s name, date of birth somewhere on the container and a day to open like the baby’s 16th birthday!

Dated Printed Items
Printed Items are a wonderful way to capture the “time” and show how things were on the day of the baby’s birth.  Use the front page of the Newspaper where the baby was born, clip the birth announcement, or take out the whole page.  Find magazines like News or Fashion ones that will show what people were doing and wearing at that time.

What is on TV?  What are people watching in the theatres?  What are they listening to?  You make a CD of some popular music, or take DVD’s of shows on TV on that day too, especially the news and weather.  Or maybe find a wholesome movie to include that will show what the times were like in those days.

Letters to the Baby
Have Mom and Dad write a letter to the baby about their feelings about the birth.  Ask the grand parents to write about the parents, what their birth was like.  Ask the siblings to make a special “happy birthday” card for the baby where they can draw pictures and write a letter to the baby too.

Include photos of the pregnancy, including a picture of Mom’s belly.  Take photos of family members with the baby, like siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins…etc.  Photos of their parent’s when they were younger would also be a blessing to include.

Baby Mementos
Don’t forget a copy of the Ultrasound or the hospital bracelet.  Any memento that the mother might share as she is waiting for the baby to come would be precious.

Greeting Cards
Besides the homemade cards by siblings, why not include a copy of the shower invitations and birth announcements.  You can also get some of the cards for the baby from the birth and shower to include.

Memories from the Shower
Who was there, what they gave, photos and mementos from the day.  Include simple things too like a napkin or favor from the party.  You could ask people at the shower to write a letter to the baby too and include that.  They could write about what they felt and how they reacted to the news that the baby was coming or just a special memory about the baby’s birth.

Family Tree
Make a picture of family tree, and who is who.  Include info about Great Grandparents and more distant relatives.

The more you include the better the opening day will be.  Just use your creativity and think back to the day that you were born, what types of things would you like to be able to see now?   Enjoy the gathering trinkets for the new baby that will one day be a treasure chest for the whole family to open and enjoy!

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