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Back-To-School Gift!

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BTS0509_500Children heading back to school in the early grades need no cheering up. They are already excited and ready to see their friends and say good-bye to summertime.

But the older grades are full of kids who wish the first day of school would never arrive! As a Mom, Auntie or Grandma you may be the one to perk them up a bit with a wonderful Back-To-School Gift Basket!

This “basket”, which is really a funny Junk Food box, could easily become a treasured family tradition. It is called the STUDY SNACKS GIFT BASKET.

When your young friend finds this on the doorstep or presented to them, they will flip with all the goodies they see! The Junk Food box is filled to overflowing with over 14 different snacks and munchies to help during study sessions. Some of the delights include several candies, cookies, chips, chocolate, peanut butter filled pretzels, popcorn and Ginseng Green Tea and even a milk chocolate CD!

Send this to your High-Schooler and they will know that you are thinking of them as they head back into the “trenches”! He or she will know that you understand that it isn’t always easy to begin a new year in school, especially if they are entering a new school in a new town.

The jump from Junior High to High School can be traumatic for some. What a cheerful and hopeful surprise this fun box of goodies would be!

Begin a new family tradition this year! Be the Fun Auntie or Grandma! Your Back-To-School Gift is sure to make a memorable impression!

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