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Baking Activities with your Kids

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baking-with-kidsBoys and girls love working along side mom or dad in the kitchen. This can get frustrating if you are in a hurry to get dinner on the table or the kids need lunch before jumping in the car for the next appointment. But setting up some fun and relaxed kitchen time can be so rewarding for your sons and your daughters. It is best to do it in between mealtimes so there is no rush or urgency.

Here are some super easy ideas to get you started:

•    Plain sugar cookie dough is perfect for many projects.
•    Roll out the cookie dough on wax paper or a flour-dusted countertop.
•    Have your child place their hand flat on the dough and trace it with a butter knife.
•    Then let them decorate the hand with candy for a ring or pretty fingernails and bake.
•    Let the kids experiment with what shapes can be traced successfully. Try a toy truck or car or doll.
•    Maybe they could use blocks or fun cookie cutters to make new shapes.
•    Challenge the kids to make a train of cookies with separate cars and circles for the wheels.

•    Crescent rolls also make great little pockets for all kinds of treats.
•    Separate the triangle shaped dough and place jelly in the center before baking!
•    Chocolate chips, m&m’s, or other candies placed in the center could be a fun surprise. Jams and jellies would be yummy also!
•    If you want to stay away from sugary fillings, you could try cheese in the middle of a wrapped crescent roll.

The most important ingredient for a kid’s kitchen project is to keep in relaxed. Don’t worry about the mess or the spills, they will happen and it’s all part of the fun. Kids love wearing aprons or an old shirt that you don’t mind getting messed up.

Your kids will remember the silly kitchen experiments and you may even discover some great new recipe!

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