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A Bath Time Baby Gift

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bath time

Most new parents and their babies love bath time. It is chance to slow down and enjoy the wonderful tactile stimulation of water and bubbles. It is not necessary to bathe your baby every day. Twice a week is sufficient, along with face and bottom cleansing every day.

Here are some tips for a safe and happy bath time………….

  • Keep the room warm and bath water comfortably warm but not hot. If you have a bath thermometer, warm the water to about 37 degrees C.
  • For newborns and babies up to six months old, fill the bath with about 13cm (5in) of water. Or just make sure there’s enough to allow your baby to settle in the water with his shoulders well covered. Never fill the bath more than waist-high (in sitting position) for older babies.
  • Bring your baby to the bath area, undress him and remove his nappy. If there’s poo in the nappy, clean your baby’s genitals and bottom before putting him in the bath.
  • Gradually slip your baby into the bath, using one hand to support his neck and head. Keep a good grip, as he might get quite slippery when he’s wet.
  • Wash your baby with a little mild, non-perfumed soap or pH neutral liquid baby cleanser. If your baby’s skin is dry or tender you could add a little bath emollient to the water. The emollient will make your baby slippery to handle, though.
  • Use your hand, or a flannel or sponge, to clean your baby from top to bottom and front to back.
  • Lift your baby out of the bath, and straight onto a dry towel. Wrap him up warm and pat, rather than rub, him dry. You may want to smooth on a mild moisturizing lotion or cream, or oil if his skin is dry.
  • Dress your baby in clean clothes, wrap him in a dry, warm blanket, and give him a kiss on his sweet-smelling head. (Bath time tips found at

A wonderful baby gift for a friend with a new baby or for you and your baby would be our DILLY THE DUCK BATHTIME SET!

This adorable gift package includes a rubber ducky of course! But along with the little scuba diver duck you will find super soft washcloths, a cuddly hooded towel for after the bath and some unique and irresistible ducky slippers!

If this is a baby gift for a friend and you want to make it memorable and impressive, personalize the gift set by having the newborn’s name added to each special piece! The entire bath time set comes in a cute and distinctive can tied up with a pretty ribbon.

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