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Big Sister and Baby Gift

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baby braceletWhat an adorable way to celebrate the birth of a new little sister! These beautiful genuine freshwater pearls and pink swarovski crystal baby bracelets are a unique alternative to the usual baby shower gift. The bracelets are adjustable and sized to fit a newborn baby as well as an older sibling. They are finished with a beautiful lobster claw clasp with a dangling pearl. Stacked in these elegant boxes, this gift is sure to shine!

Have you ever attended a baby shower where the older sister is clinging to pregnant Mom and being whiney and disruptive? She wants to “help” Mommy open the gifts and has a hard time being still while the women are visiting. Most of us have watched this scenario or lived it.

If the child is just a toddler it may be wise to bring her a small gift toy and present it to her immediately so she can play with it during the party. If she is a bit older, say five or six, this beautiful gift set will catch her eye and she may be able to wait for its presentation when all the other gifts are being opened. Tell her it is especially for her and her new baby!

Inside she will find two beautiful matching bracelets! One is extra tiny for the new baby and the other is just right for a big sister’s wrist. They are both GENUINE FRESHWATER PEARLS AND PINK SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS! They are totally adjustable and are complete with a pretty lobster claw clasp with a single dangling pearl.

Can’t you just imagine the pride and girly delight this gift will give any little girl?

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