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Biking with the Baby

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biking babyThere are two options for babies and toddlers to join mom or dad in a bike ride.  You can get a seat that will be attached to the back of the adult bike or you can use a trailer that will be towed behind mom or dad’s bike.

Bicycle built for two!
If you decide to have the seat that attaches to the back, it is best to have an integrated rack, it is safer and more study less likely to sway or come apart.  The seat will be easy to remove or attach so you will not have to have it attached all the time like you would with a permanently seat attached with nuts and bolts.

Find one that is sturdy and keeps your baby’s feet away from the wheels to prevent any injuries from the spokes.  Wait until your baby is at least 6 month old before you take them on a bike ride.  They should be about to support their own heads and sit by themselves.

Carrying your child with you on the bicycle does have some benefits.  Your child is old enough to enjoy the ride and see the sights.  Having them close to you will give him a sense of security.  But just know that the bike will become top heavy.  So it might be easily put off balance.  The movement of your child can also make it hard to keep the bike stable.

Baby in tow!
If you choose to carry your baby in a trailer, he will be riding in style with plenty of room.  It will also allow you to carry other things with you like a picnic basket or diaper bag.  If you do use a trailer you will also need to display a flag to make others aware because trailers are low to the ground and hard to see.   Towing the trailer will add some weight to your bike, but it will be much more stable than having the child in a seat.

Safety first!
The most important thing to remember when you go riding is that everyone wears a helmet, and that includes you!  Look for a helmet that’s been approved and take time to adjust it to fit snuggly on your child’s head.   If you are concerned your child will not be willing to wear the helmet then take some time before your trip to “practice” wearing it.    Be sure to wear yours too so you can be part of the game!

What to take?
Don’t forget to bring a fully stocked diaper bag along for the ride.  Attach some toys if they are going to be in the trailer to keep them entertained.  Might want to also include a stuffed animal along for the baby to snuggle with or lean on if they start to get sleepy.  Bring something for you and the baby to drink and snack on if you are going for a long ride.

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