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Birth Month Personality Traits

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personalityWhile waiting for your baby to arrive you are probably reading every book you can find that will help you understand your baby and be a good mother. The firstborn is such a mystery. Much of the joy of being a mom for the first time is the slow, sweet discovery of the personality and character traits that begin to emerge in your child as the months and years pass. The big question that science has not yet answered is if the personality is already formed and built in to your baby when she is born, or is it the daily life and interaction of your family that creates yours child’s personality. Nature or nurture?

Either way, there is a fun and intriguing list of personality traits that has been gathered and assigned to the month of birth. There are such lists all over the Internet and most include the same characteristics as the following list. While this idea that the month your baby is born may determine his or her personality is a fun and interesting one. It is not proven scientifically and as a parent you need to be sure that you do not place false expectations or pressures on your child based on these collections and lists. Use them for fun and to give you a bigger view of the great possibilities that are in your children.

Possible personality traits based on birth month:

•    Hardworking and productive
•    Smart and organized
•    Loyal and reserved
•    Loves to teach and learn
•    Highly attentive

•    Ambitious and honest
•    Romantic and superstitious
•    Clever and abstract
•    Daring and stubborn
•    Loves entertainment and leisure

•    Trustworthy and secretive
•    Loves to serve others
•    Honest and generous
•    Shy and sympathetic
•    Loves traveling and music

•    Dynamic and diplomatic
•    Loving and caring
•    Friendly and consoling
•    Generous and decisive
•    Loves attention

•    Systematic and firm
•    Strong-willed
•    Restless and loves travel
•    Hardworking and highly motivated
•    Good imagination

•    Sensitive and hesitant
•    Funny and humorous
•    Talkative and friendly
•    Polite and kind
•    Good debating skills

•    Witty and approachable
•    Forgiving and honest
•    Sensitive and loving
•    Likes to be quiet
•    Tactful and fun to be with

•    Thinks quickly
•    Observant and careful
•    Generous and attractive
•    Leadership qualities
•    Romantic and caring

•    Calm and cool
•    Trustworthy and loyal
•    Understanding and fun to be around
•    Self motivated
•    Loves sports and leisure

•    Sympathetic and does not lie or pretend
•    Loves outdoors
•    Just and fair
•    Very good friend
•    Daydreamer

•    Thinks forward
•    Sharp-minded and hardworking
•    Loves to be alone
•    Brave and inquisitive
•    Generous and patient

•    Logical and organized
•    Good sense of humor
•    Loves to socialize
•    Active in games
•    Ambitious and generous

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