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Birthday Party Theme for Little Girls

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birthday-partyWhen your little one was a baby, the birthday parties were mostly about the adults in his/her family. You all gathered and marveled that little Becca has just turned one year old! Your baby did not really care what was inside the brightly colored packages she was suddenly being handed. She just loved the attention and the pretty paper! Hand her a bow and she experiences a successful party!

But it does not take long for your daughter to have some thoughts and preferences of her own. Some four and five year olds already have a favorite TV show or movie they love. Others are obvious outdoor explorers or love to do art projects.

This is the time to plan the birthday party theme around your child’s interests, not just what happens to be on the store shelves that season.


Most little girls, even the tomboys, love to play “Mommy and Baby”. Why not plan a Little Mommy Party?

  • On your party invitations ask the guests to come dressed like a mommy and to bring their favorite baby-doll.
  • Set up a special spot for the dolls, like a decorated playpen or brightly colored blanket spread out on the floor.
  • Once everyone has arrived, have the guests hold their baby dolls and talk about them a bit, tell their name and what makes them special.
  • The Games could easily be themed around babies. Instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose!” change it to “Mommy, Mommy, Baby!”  “Pin the Diaper on the Baby” could offer some giggles.  If the girls are six or seven they could play a baby food identification game like their Moms do at Baby Showers.
  • Take specially posed photos of each “Mommy” with her baby and send a print to them with the Thank You Note.
  • For an art project have the guests decorate a foam picture frame that will be just the right size for the “Baby and Me” photo you will send them. (Or print immediately if able!)

Little girls love to pretend and this party will be especially remembered. Each guest will feel honored that the grownups around her appreciate and enjoy her imagination. Pretending to be a mother is a wonderful education for children. They have a natural tendency to nurture children younger than themselves and it is a good thing to encourage!

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