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Changing Stations

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Changing, it’s a messy process. Diapers, wipes, changing pads, it can get overwhelming. The key to easy changing is in well stocked efficiently packed changing station. The trick is to out-smart Murphy and with these three steps, you can plan an effective changing station.

  1. Multiplicity. A beautiful changing table with clever shelving, stylish trim, and modest appeal will do you absolutely no good if it is upstairs and junior has a serious drawer’s disaster downstairs. If you have multiple floors, one station per floor is ideal. Even with only one floor, having a small changing kit handy in the powder room could make the difference. Portable kits with folding changing pads are the best idea. These small kits can be packed away with little to no visibility.
  2. Less is More. You don’t need a baby store to change a baby. Stick to the basics: diapers, wipes, baby powder (if you use it), and a small toy. There’s no need to have the entire pack of twenty-eight diapers tableside; keep each item stocked at each station, but the bulk packages should live in the nursery closet.
  3. Good Diaper Disposal. Nothing is worse than a stinky diaper pail. This is one investment that should be researched and thought through. Don’t just buy any diaper pail; find the one other mom’s recommend. These can come in discreet designs so that second station near the family room does not stand out like a sore thumb.

With these three steps you can keep a proficient station running smoothly and changing time no hassle at all.

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