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Chocolate Lover’s Baskets

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chocolate gift baskets

Children are not the only ones who love a sweet and pretty Basket surprise! Doodlebuckets has a great selection of low, medium and wonderfully extravagant chocolate lover gift baskets that are perfect for any occasion!

For example, The Chocolate Dreams Gift Basket can be ordered full to overflowing with all of these delights for your favorite choco-holic; Double Chocolate Truffles, Fudge Pound cake, Gourmet Chewy Chocolate Brownies, Golden walnut Fudge filled cookies, Chocolate Mint Delights, Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar, Malta Bella Chocolates bag, Rocky Road Popcorn and many more amazing and delicious treats.

Chocolate baskets make everyone smile. There is something fun and whimsical about a big basket full of sweets and small gifts for a loved one.

Grown ups love them just as much as the kiddies, maybe even more, when they are a fun and unexpected surprise!

Why not add to the fun by hiding the yummy basket somewhere and creating a little treasure hunt for your chocolate lover to follow? Write or draw some cute little hints and spread them around your home, yard or even your town. Let one clue lead them to the next clue and so on until your sweet tooth loved one finds the heavenly basket of goodies!

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