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Choosing a Baby Gift

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Vintage Noah's Ark Baby Girl Family Gift Basket

Choosing baby gifts is now easier than ever with the advent of online shopping.  Where once the giver of gifts had to pound the pavement and search high and low for the perfect item, now finding the perfect gifts to send is as easy as a click of the mouse.  One must only consider a few essential criteria and then shopping will be a breeze.

Below is a list for consideration, though not exhaustive, that will give you a great start in your quest for the perfect baby gift.

Baby’s Due Date   If you are someone that likes to plan ahead, it’s a great idea to put the baby’s due date on your calendar so that you are poised for gift giving at the time baby will arrive.  You will be sure not to have any “Whoops, I forgot!” moments and will not have to say “Sorry this is late…” when you send your gift.  A little preparation goes a long way when you know when baby will be here.

Doodlebuckets offers a free Dates Reminder Service for our members, so sign up for a free membership today and get email reminders a week ahead for all of your important events, in plenty of time to send your well wishes.  The link to enter your important dates will appear at the very top of the page after membership sign up and every time you log in.

It’s just that easy.

Baby’s Gender   Many parents today gain knowledge of their baby’s gender via an ultrasound scan and can tell you what the baby’s gender is long before the baby is born.  Knowing if the baby is a boy or a girl will narrow down your search immensely.  We have a huge selection of baby gifts that are separated out according to baby’s gender.

Our baby girl gift baskets are filled with sugar and spice and everything nice for the new baby girl.


Baby boy gift baskets contain more macho themes like sports, safari, monkeys and the like.

For the rare family who likes to be surprised by baby’s gender at birth, if you wanted to send a gift before knowing baby’s gender, we have a fabulous array of neutral baby gift baskets including Baby Einstein items that will certainly suit the bill for either baby girls or baby boys.

Baby’s Name   With the advent of pre-birth ultrasounds and parents knowing baby’s gender beforehand, most families have the new baby named long before his or her arrival.

Knowing baby’s name allows you to send a gift with baby’s name beautifully embroidered or painted on a personalized baby gift. How precious it is to the mom and dad when they open up the gift and see baby’s name for the first time, lovingly added to the gift you send.

We offer both personalized baby boy gifts and personalized baby girl gifts in separate categories to make finding the perfect personalize-able baby gift quick and easy to find.  Just enter baby’s name name into the box for the gift to be personalized and we’ll do the rest to get baby’s name on his or her new gifts.

Nursery Theme   How wonderful it is to decorate the baby’s nursery in anticipation of baby’s arrival with its own theme.  Popular nursery themes include safari, teddy bear, garden, butterflies, hearts, and solar system themes.

Sometimes parents will choose color themes to decorate the baby’s room.  Pink and brown for girls and blue and brown for boys are hot colors this year for babies’ nurseries.

Knowing the parents’ plans for the nursery decorations can help you to choose the right baby gift so that the items in the basket or gift set will match the nursery perfectly.

Family’s Interests   Another great theme to consider when searching for baby gifts is the interests of the family.  Are they huge sports fans?  Are they animals lovers?  Is buying organic and green items important to them?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose the perfect gift!

We have sports themed baby gift baskets from a general sports theme to baskets for specific professional teams.  We have a number of baskets that feature different animal that would suit the animal lovers in the family.  Organic baby gift baskets would be adored baby many families who strive to provide only natural and healthy choices for their babies.

Sports Fan Baby Boy Gift Basket

Knowing the family’s interests will definitely enhance your gift choice and add that personal touch to your gift giving.  You can find these specialized items easily by typing in the words of what are you looking for in the search box at the top right of our page.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do no hesitate to contact us for personal assistance.

Family’s Address  This is a no-brainer, but you need to be prepared with the family’s correct address before you can have your gift sent.

It’s a great idea to double check  and make sure the address is correct, especially if you have not previously sent something in the mail to them.  Many times addresses are written down wrongly. This results in the return of your gift to our facilities and additional fees for delivery and also delays the family receiving the gift you intend for them.

A correct mailing address is a must!

Gift Card Message   Many people are naturals in coming up with witty or sweet gift messages to send with the new baby gifts.  Others are not so poetically gifted and struggle with what to say on the gift card.

If you are someone who is not quite sure what to say, a short and sweet, yet sincere message will do just fine. Something like, “Welcome baby Anna!  We are so glad you are here and cannot wait to meet you!  Much love from the Smith Family”.

Corporate gifts sent to the new baby might want to use a more professional tone and can say something like, “Warm greetings to you and your new baby from the Johnson Marketing Team”.

If you have the gift of words, by all means wax eloquent and humorous and show off your verbal talents.  Either way, the family will appreciate your thoughtful gift and will be able to make great use of all the practical and luxurious items in the basket you send.

Gifts for Mom and Dad, Older Children  It is a great idea to remember mom and dad and elder siblings in your gift giving as well.  Perhaps they are well prepared with all the baby supplies they will need.  Perhaps mom has been showered  with several baby showers and has no more room for new baby items.  Or maybe you just want to pamper mom and dad and older siblings with goodies just for them so that they know they are not forgotten.

Too often, the new baby gets all the attention and the rest of the family feels left out.  You can easily rectify that situation by remembering them with their own gift basket.


To find the right gift for children, try our Big Brother and Big Sister Gifts section.  We have a great selection for older brothers and sisters.  They will love to get a little something for themselves and the gift will help mom and dad keep toddlers busy while they tend to the new baby.

For mom and dad, look under our Gifts for Occasions for many possibilities of what you can send to the new parents.  You can also type in words like coffee, tea, chocolate, BBQ or spa in to our search box at the top of the page to find just what you are looking for you send to mom and dad.

No matter what the situation or the personality and interests of the family or the gender of the baby, Doodlebuckets had the right gift or combination of gifts that will welcome the new baby into the world in style. Contact us at service @ or call us at 866-940-3477 if we can be of service.

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