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Christmas Baby Shower

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christmas-baby-showerDecember is such a jam-packed month for everyone already isn’t it? But your friend’s baby is due in January or late December and you cannot wait any longer to plan a wonderful celebration party for her. Here are a few ideas for a Christmas Themed Baby Shower.


Your house or the room you have the baby shower in will probably already be decorated for Christmas so do not try to add in the traditional pink and blue. Instead add special touches for the baby like snowman families and Christmas elf families. Even tiny winter hats and booties would be cute as decorations.

Invite your guests to attach “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments to their shower gift as a fun decoration and a bonus gift.


Stuff The Snowsuit – Give each team the same size Newborn or Toddler snowsuit. Also give them a bag of small balloons. Instruct them to see how many blown up balloons they fit inside the snowsuit and still zip it up!

Build A Snowman – Give teams Styrofoam balls of various sizes, along with various things to use as eyes, nose arms etc. Challenge the teams to create the most interesting snowman in a limited time!

Count The Ornaments – Have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree in a limited time.

Name That Song – If you or someone attending is musical have them begin some Christmas carols on an instrument and ask them to name that tune in the fewest notes.


Christmas candy is easy and handy of course. A candy cane cake would fit in nicely with the theme for a December baby shower. Hot cider with cinnamon and of course, cookies in holiday shapes are expected!

Send everyone home with a small Christmas stocking stuffed with yummy fudge or peanut brittle!

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