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Creating an Original Baby Gift Basket

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Putting together a gift basket for a baby can be so much fun.  There are so many cute gifts available that would look precious in a gift basket.  Gift baskets are a big hit at baby showers too, guaranteed to bring oooh’s and ahh’s from all in attendance!

Be creative!
Have fun and enjoy creating this work of art for the new parents!  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your ideas!

Think outside the basket!
Find the perfect container.  The “basket” does not have to be a basket at all. You can use anything that will hold items.  Why not use the back of a big plastic toy dump truck or a child sized red wagon for a little boy?  How cute would that be all filled with gifts to reiterate the theme?  And they are getting a gift that they can use later when the child gets older too!

Create a base!
Just like when you make an Easter basket, it is good to have a base to put your items on.  You can start with crumpled wrapping paper and then cover it with shredded crinkle paper.  Be sure to choose something that matches your basket and gifts!

Find gifts that go together!
You can coordinate the gifts a number of ways.  You can use a color theme, like picking everything in pink for a little girl, topping it off with a beautiful bow to match.  Or choose a decorating theme to match the child’s nursery.  Many items available today can also be personalized with the child’s name as well.  Are the new parents sports enthusiast?   You could put together a basket of all sport’s related items, and don’t forget a cute uniform with the baby’s name embroidered on the back!

Don’t forget to wrap the basket!
You can finish the basket off with cellophane and a beautiful bow.  Or choose something unique like a wand and baby sized tiara for a princess basket instead ofor in addition to a bow!

Take the easy way!
If you do not have the time or creativity, you can still give a basket.  Our website has many options for you to choose from that are sure to be a blessing and a beautiful gift for the new parents!

Gift baskets for babies are a great option.  The design possibilities are endless and it is a great way to add that personal touch to bless the new parents with a gift created from your heart!

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