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Creative Projects That Will Bring Out the Artist in Your Child

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All children are born with imaginations and creativity. Your little one is not worried about drawing the perfect tree or cat. He or she is very happy to push a simple crayon across some paper and then hold it up for your glowing approval!

Everyone can be creative in one medium or another, but somewhere along the line we stopped trying, probably due to hearing from a teacher or parent that we did it wrong.

But your little one has a clean slate and she is ready to blossom into an artist even before the first birthday! All she needs is encouragement and opportunity to let her imagination go! Here are some fun and easy ways to give your child the freedom to explore her imagination.
baby artist
Driving Through Paint!
Tape some butcher paper or other plain, large paper to a table or the floor. Pour kid-safe paint into pie tins or other large shallow containers. Allow your child to dip the wheels of a variety of small toy cars & trucks in the paint and then “drive” them over the paper in any pattern they desire! Hang to dry! Could even be very cute as a framed picture in their bedroom and that would truly encourage them to see themselves as artistic!

To make gorgeous monarchs, flatten a coffee filter into a circle, then allow child to paint with water colors in any way they desire. After letting the coffee filter dry completely, clip the center with a hinged clothespin! Could be very pretty hung in a window with the sun shining through them!

Puppet Plates
Staple two paper plates facing each other, together. Glue a popsicle stick between the plates as a handle. Let your child paint a face with tempura paint (or if too young, you do the face) and then decorate with yarn, feathers, string, stickers & construction paper to create hair and head decorations!

Get Messy!
Finger painting is one of the best art projects to encourage freedom and self-expression and for very little ones you don’t even need to “print” their creation onto paper. Just the process is totally enjoyable and fun for them!

Homemade Finger paint Recipe:
½ cup cornstarch
3Tbsp sugar
½ Tsp salt
2 cups of cold water
food coloring
In a medium pan, mix all the ingredients together to make the finger paint. Cook over low heat 10 to 15 minutes. Keep stirring the finger paint mixture until it is smooth and thick. After the finger paint has thickened take the pan off the stove and let the mixture cool.
After cooling, divide the finger paint into storage containers depending on how many colors you would like. Add a few drops of food coloring to each container. Stir the coloring in to the paint to determine the shade of color. You’re ready to finger paint! Cover tightly when storing.

Get Sweet & Messy!
Forget making or buying finger paint! Spread some yummy pudding on a super clean table, put an apron or big shirt on your child and let them at it! Very fun to watch them figure out that their own fingers can make a pretty picture on the table and they can even lick their fingers clean!

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