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Decorating the New Baby’s Nursery

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There is nothing like getting a nursery ready for a new baby.   It is an exciting time and wonderful opportunity to do something together as a couple to get reacy for your new addition.  Below are some suggestions to consider when planning for your baby’s future living space:
decorating baby nursery
First you want to choose a theme:
Use basic colors that are easy to work with, so you can change the look of the room by replacing accessories as your baby grows.  For the walls you can use simple wall hangings or removable appliqués that you can apply and remove easily.  Change the bedding, drapes, pillows or rocking chair seats to bring in new patterns or themes.   Use things like mirrors, lights, mobiles and other stimulating items in places where they can be seen from the changing table or crib.

There are plenty of themes to choose from:
Places: Farm, Jungle, Circus, Rainforest, or the Ocean
Animals:  Zoo Animals, baby animals like kittens and puppies, or Noah’s ark
Transportation:  Vehicles, Tractors, Trucks, Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons or Boats
Nature:  Insects like Butterflies, Bees or Lady Beetles, or Amphibians like Frogs, or
School Time:  Numbers or Letters, Books like Very Hungry Caterpillar or Mother Goose
Castle:  Princess or Knight
Toys:  Teddy Bears,
Movie Themes:  Choose any children’s movie or cartoon character
Sports:  Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball

Find the Furniture
After you choose a theme, you can focus on the basics.  You will need a crib, changing table, dresser, and comfortable rocking chair.   Make sure if you buy used furniture that everything meets safety requirements. Be sure to check carefully for anything that would affect the safely of your baby.

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