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Disrobing in Dreamland

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disrobe-babyIt’s a common problem. You put junior to sleep in a soft cotton plaid sleeper, covered him with his special blanket, and left him to sleep. However, when it’s time for his next feeding your little man in giggling in his crib wearing nothing but what he was born with. It’s an unexplained thing, why our toddlers like to disrobe and toss away their diapers. In some cases the child even decides to use the crib as a restroom, and minus his diaper this leads to some messy cleanups. How can you keep your child from undressing themselves at night? There are many options.

1.    One Piece Sleepers. If your baby is undressing at night, don’t make it easy for him. Put him on one piece outfits that won’t allow easy access to his diapers. Refrain from soft shorts and a shirt and trade it out for a one piece sleeper. If he has still not figured snaps and zippers out, he will be suitably baffled. However, if your child is exceptionally difficult, keep an eye out for sleepers with the fastening system (zipper or snaps) in the back of the clothing. These are not very easy to find, but if you are able to sew, it is a simple enough pattern.

2.    Mittens. Depending on how old your child is, you may be able to simply glove their hands. This prevents them from being able to work the zipper on a sleeper or the Velcro/snap covering over it. Many families with children suffering from eczema and other skin irritating conditions use these to keep their children from scratching in the night. In either case, your baby’s skin and diaper are safe. However, as time goes on, your child will be able to figure out how to get them off. If your child’s undressing phase is long you may need to move on to a more hands on strategy.

3.    Onesies with Bottom Snaps. This goes with the previous theme of the one-piece sleepers. If you can find something to outmatch your child’s dexterity, you’ve won the battle. Onesies that snap at the bottom are difficult to undo and should be able to outmatch your youngster. Be sure, however, that these Onesies are just a tad loose, or have a bit of wiggle room. A full diaper will stress the snaps and then it’s just a matter of a good squirm or two before that onesie and diaper are off.

4.    Tape. Calm down, this isn’t what it sounds like. If your child is able to thwart dexterity hampering clothes, you might want to consider taping his diaper. This does NOT mean duct taping your child into his diaper. Many mothers found that a band of masking tape along the top of the diaper (comfortably snug) held the sides of the diaper together and was too hard for their young ones to remove. This particular method is a bit controversial, but if you are comfortable with it, it is highly effective.

This stage is normal and many children go through it. Don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong or that your child is too warm while he sleeps. It is simply a phase and like your bell bottom jeans, it will soon be a distant memory. With these tricks up your sleeves you can keep junior in his. Have a great night’s sleep with a fully clothed morning!

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