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Facebook for Your Baby or Mentoring on Facebook

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babyfacebookAccording to a study in May 2011, there are over 600 million active users on the social media platform of Facebook. Of that 600 million, 52% are women and the percentage of those women that are mothers is probably high.

Facebook is a wonderful place for your baby because it is a random collection of mothers from all over the world who are eager to share their own mothering experience with you.

Advice about child raising is at your fingertips twenty-four hours a day, literally. Mothers of all races, ages and beliefs are posting questions about their newborns or their third graders. Answers flow in and the list of comments following any parenting question is a great cross-section of ideas and theories.

In past generations a new mom would need to buy or borrow dozens of parenting books and wade through them to get her questions and wonderings addressed. In even earlier generations the new parents most likely lived in the same house as the grandparents, so the advice and counsel was right there beside them.

In today’s mobile culture, we seldom stay in one town or state from one generation to the next. Grandma is still a phone call away but time differences and age difference can often make her advice out-dated or unwelcome.

Now we have the amazing creation of Facebook. A single place to meet other mothers from all over the world. Just the tap of a computer key will bring you face to face or at least page to page with others who are in the same situation as you are today.

Older women can easily calm the fears of a frantic new mom who posts that her baby won’t sleep or he is spitting up too much. A young mom may ask where to find the best new cloth diapers and the list of answering comments will give her all she needs to know.

Young moms have very full and busy schedules, but somehow the small moments can be captured to get online and connect with friends. Many women go to Facebook while the kids are napping or late at night when the house is finally quiet. In this way Facebook again becomes a wonderful outlet and relaxing avenue to allow the cares of the day fall away as you share your mom activities with others who understand, sympathize and encourage. That is what “mentoring” is all about, and it happens naturally and safely every day on Facebook.

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