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Finding time to Exercise with the Baby!

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Now that you are a new mom, you probably have less time for you, and with the lack of sleep and new all day, all night job, it is probably even harder to feel like exercising.  But the benefits definitely out weight the cons and it CAN be done, even with your baby.

Reasons to exercise for you!
•    Exercising helps you deal with the stresses of being a new mom
•    Sleep will be easier and more restful
•    Exercising will also help with any post partum, or other days you might be prone to feel depressed.
•    Physical activity will help keep you healthy and that is important for mom and the baby.
•    Exercising will also help improve your stamina which comes in handy with your new 24/7 job!

And Baby too!
•    Moving with your baby will help him or her develop coordination, and skills to help them move better.
•    It can be a fun and bonding way to hang out.  Helping establish a habit of a playing and having fun together!
•    It will help the baby relieve stress too…and hopefully establish a healthy attitude about exercise!

Walk together!
There are a couple of ways you can take your baby for a walk.  You can put them in a stroller or carry them in a back pack if they are old enough to hold their head up.  Having them in a back pack will give you an extra weight to carry and help you burn more calories.  If they are in a stroller and you take them after lunch, it might be a way for them to drift off to sleep and give you time for yourself!  Either way the fresh air and change of scenery will be good for both of you!  If it is rainy or too cold outside, you can always go to your local mall and window shop as you get some good exercise!

Take a Bike ride!
There are a couple of different ways to take your baby for a bike ride.  If they are younger you might prefer to get a trailer that will attach to the back of your bike.  If you use a trailer, you can take more than one baby at a time.  If they are older, they might really enjoy riding on a seat of their own attached to the back of the bike.  Just remember if you do this, your baby will need a helmet of his own.   The added weight will take some time to get used to and any movement by your toddler can affect your ability to keep the bike balanced.  So be very careful!

Hire a Personal Trainer to Make House Calls
You might be able to hire a personal trainer that will come to your home.  They can keep you accountable, and give you the guidance you will need to get in shape.  Have her work you out with the baby, or plan your appointments when baby is sleeping.  If money is tight, train with some other friends at the same time and divide the cost, trade homes or take turns babysitting.

Dance with Baby
Put your baby in a sling or baby carrier, turn on some good tunes and dance like no one is watching!    You will be getting some good exercise as well as teaching your child to enjoy music.  There are so many great reasons to listen to music and move, not to mention it will teach your baby about rhythm and movement.

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