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Gifts to Avoid that the Baby Doesn’t Really Need

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Looking for the perfect gift for the new baby, but not sure what to get?  We have taken some of the guess work out for you!  Below is a list of items that are not really needed.  So, don’t waste your hard earned money and precious time purchasing these items.

Expensive Clothes
There is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy name brand clothes since most babies spend so much time sleeping and eating.  Save the expensive clothes for later when they are toddlers, then they will be able to get more use out of them.

0-3 month Baby Clothes
Many babies cannot wear this size and even if they can, they will certainly grow out of them quickly since babies grow so fast!  Save your money or buy clothes just a bit bigger at 3-6 months!

Bibs for Infants
Infants don’t really need bibs at this age, but burping cloths and receiving blankets would be a better option since there is always a need for lots of these.  Blankets are perfect for wrapping the baby up for feeding or lay one down for the baby to lie on.  Either way, you won’t go wrong with either of these!

Clothes for the baby beyond the first year
Don’t purchase clothes for a baby beyond the first year.  They will just have to hang in the closet, and wait for the baby to grow into them.  Babies grow so fast and unpredictable, once they do get big enough to wear them.  they may not even be right for the season.

Items for the Nursery that do not work with the theme
If you want to buy something for the nursery, check and see what the decorative scheme is for the room.  It will be very disappointing if you get a bright primary colored wall hanging for a room done all in pastels.

Baby Shoes
Save your money and forego the shoes.  A baby’s feet are so tiny and better suited for socks or booties.   Even when a baby starts to walk, it is best for the parents to have the child fitted for his first shoes.  That will help insure the most comfortable, safe fit for those precious little “piggy’s” on the move!.

Stuffed animals
Stuffed animals are so adorable, but really not a necessity.  Resist the urge and buy the new parent’s to be something they can REALLY use like diapers.  Although not as cute, it is a lot more practical and will definitely be used and appreciated!

Buying for a new baby can be overwhelming, but just remember to think practical, and use wisdom!  If all else fails, you can always check with the registry or buy a gift certificate here:  Gift Certficates

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