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Gifts for the New Dad

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When a new addition comes along, sometimes Mom needs to spend so much time with the baby, dad my start to feel neglected.  Giving him a gift that is especially for him might help him feel appreciated.
What are some good ideas for the new dad?

Just for Dad
What are they interested in?  Do they like to read or fish?  Find something to remind them that there is life after baby and to remember to take some time out just for him.

Something for Dad and Baby
Look for a gift that is made just for dads to use with their new babies.  They have diaper bags and vests now made just for dads.  They come in masculine colors but with all the bells and whistles in a regular diaper bag.  If your husband likes to camp, why get some camping gear he can use with the baby in the future.

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Framed Gifts!
Give a gift certificate for a photo shoot with just dad and the baby at a local studio or take photos of Dad with the new baby and put them in a nice frame so he can take them to work or hang them in his office.   You can even take a photo of dad when he was little and put it in a frame beside one of the new baby.  Any gift like this is sure to be a blessing to the proud papa!

Find matching clothes for daddy and baby are especially cute if he has a little boy.  Look alike sports jerseys and ball caps are so cute for a photo session with Dad.

If you are on a budget, you might want to consider putting together a coupon book with gifts of your time.  Offer things like babysitting, mowing/raking the lawn or washing the car.  Think of anything that a dad usually has to do that you can help out with that will allow him to have more time with mom and the baby!

Personalized gifts!
If you are at a loss for ideas you can always have anything personalized or get Dad a t-shirt or mug that says world’s greatest dad!  Or a gift card to go out to eat at his favorite restaurant, because we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

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