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Giving Your Child A Global View

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child-global-viewMost parents today grew up in a time of limited global view. We definitely had a broader vision than the generation before us, but less than the generation that we are raising now. That is a good thing for the most part. The Internet has opened an immeasurable window to the entire world for this generation that is far beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined.

While there is a danger of seeing “too much” and becoming either hardened by the great need out there in the world, or overly sensitive and unable to cope, the positive impact outweighs the negative for the most part. What are some ways that we as parents can take advantage of this window to the world?

The first and easiest way to help your child have a global view is to “adopt” an orphan in a developing country through the many opportunities available online. Have your son or daughter be a part of choosing a boy or girl of their same age or younger to send money and gifts to each month and on birthdays.

Many of the good organizations will allow you to really communicate with “your” adopted orphan and exchange pictures and life stories as they grow older. The benefits to both kids will change their lives. Your son or daughter will receive a glimpse into the real life of another child on the other side of the world. The view will give them a perspective that will make them a stronger and wiser adult someday.

We must be careful in this process though, to protect our kids from taking on an overwhelming sense of guilt and pressure. We do not want to burden our little one’s with more than they can handle. They cannot save the world by themselves, but they are able to help one at a time. This is something we can help them accomplish through these fine organizations and ministries all over the world.

If you are a financially stable family, another way to give your child a true worldview would be to literally adopt an orphan from another country. Most adults who adopt were raised with an adopted brother or sister or were adopted. They have seen and lived the powerful impact this one step can make in another life.

It is said that we are living in a “small world” because we are now able to see how others live their daily lives. If neither of these options are possible for you and your family at this time, then opening that window that the Internet offers is a great beginning!

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