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The High Value Of A Personalized Baby Gift

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Our names say a lot about each of us. Sometimes our name helped to shape us into whom we are today. In biblical times many names were changed to fit the character of the individual. All over the world there are as many traditions surrounding names as there are countries.

Indonesia only gives a baby a single name. In China the names given are extremely complex, revealing the family name along with a generational name.
African names used to describe the roots of the family and even the order in which the siblings were born!

If you or a friend are looking for unusual names, a fun website is There are names from many different countries and even a page about International Name Days. In some countries the Name Day is more important than the Birthday! It is celebrated with gifts and desserts. For example, in Hungary, January 3 is Name Day for Benjamins, and Lindas are celebrated on February 13th!

You may want to emphasis the importance of a new baby’s name by giving a PERSONALIZED BABY GIFT! New parents have worked hard to choose just the right and perfect name for their new addition. So it would really delight them to see that name on a cute little chair, blanket or shirt!

Here at Doodlebuckets you can browse through over a dozen personalized gift ideas. The new baby’s name may be added to an adorable blanket, Teddy Bear and knit hat set. If you are thinking ahead for the family you may want to order an adorable step stool that turns into a kid-size chair, especially decorated with the child’s name! We are also happy to personalize bibs, shirts sets and even a tiny rocking chair!

A toddler would be so excited to his or her name written in bright colors on their very own little stepstool or rocking chair! This would also be a great tool for practice in learning to spell their name all by themselves!

For a very special and unique gift you may want to present the new parents with a stunning memento of delicate 24 Carat gold trimmed porcelain that comes from Limoge, France. It is a hand made and hand painted keepsake box with solid brass hinges and comes in pinks or blues.  They are round, oval or rectangular. You may have the baby’s initials written in beautiful interlocking script or in bold block letters. It can even be personalized to include the weight, hair color and birth date of Baby! On the inside they will find a hand painted rose, sailboat or Teddy Bear. This impressive personalized gift will take two – three weeks to deliver due to the handwork involved, but it is well worth the wait.

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